BN White Elephant >>>

BN White Elephant #4 :: 156 million for BN Penghulu and Village Heads in PR controlled states

BN is abusing our rakyat money to install BN Penghulu and new village heads after they lost in five states to PR.

Penghulu and new village heads used to be appointed by state government, and with the Federal Village Security and Development Committee (JKKP) scheme under the Federal government after 308 political tsunami, two penghulu and two new village heads are found in the suburban and rural areas in Kedah, Penang, Kelantan and Selangor.

RM 156 million annual budget allocated for the duplicated penghulu and new village head is a total waste and abuse of public funds for BN component parties.

Public fund for duplicated village heads in PR states : RM 156 million

Number of BN White Elephant Project monitored : 4

Total accumulated cost or losses: RM 7384 million.

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