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What went wrong in Johor and Penang?

Many controversies and issues in Johor like

– Land grab by “Malay first” politician

– Sands smuggling to Singapore

– State budget deficits

– DANA Johor bankruptcy and its Chinese bondholders are refunded 50% investment unlike bumi bondholders who received a full refund

– State road projects outsourced to Ghani’s wife

– Lion dance statue controversy in Muar

– Iskandar Development Region (IDR) outsourced to UMNO cronies

– ZERO transparency tender.

Yet Johor is seemed and proven as a BN fortress after 54 years of mis-administration by BN.

Malay is the majority race in Johor with a big chuck of them are descendants of Javanese who migrated to Johor no earlier than my father. At least 70% of them will vote UMNO for gratitude to their bumi status , ten acres Felda land and other free handouts under the NEP apartheid policy.

Any Chinese Johoreans can see themselves that MCA is active and doing a lot of community services at the grassroots level in the new villages unlike DAP with almost non-exist service.

This explain why a half of Chinese in Johor unlike Chinese in other states still vote BN against the tide of political tsunami.

Please do not blame those Chinese vote BN are bad guys, voting which party is their constitutional rights and no one can question about their choice of government.

DAP supporters try to sell this anti-democratic perception and concept, vote MCA is bad guy and vote DAP is good buy. Similar UMNO propaganda is going on in Utusan to brainwash Malays that vote MCA is good guy and vote DAP is bad guy.

Both of them are playing racial card to bait votes!

Did MCA leaders corrupt? Yes, they are as corrupt as UMNO goons. For instance, MCA leaders with Mercedes grabbed the low cost housing and resold them to needy people for a several thousand ringgit profit was happened in my new village.

Penang under PR government who is boasting on its CAT is facing many controversies recently, I have archived three of them in less than a month. This tale-tell sign says that something wrong is going on in Penang.

I do not call Lim Guan Eng a corrupt politician yet, but the way he giving out contracts and concessions is approaching BN corrupt practice, a black box operation to benefit cronies or developers.

But, race-based politics and racial politicking game will make sure DAP and UMNO win in Penang and Johor respectively, no matter how they screw up both states.

This is the reality of politics in Malaysia.

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anson says:

38% of Johor Corp’s employees are pendatang asing.

QiaQia says:

They are in transition for to be instant citizen under the 6P scheme to vote for BN? Even Bangladesh government has confirmed this.

That’s why Johor will remain as BN fortress.