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Why I never praise good policies from BN and PR? Always expose bad policies....

Why I should praise PM Najib for repealing ISA, a law enacted by the same BN government 50 year ago?

Why I should praise Lim Guan Eng for bringing in more FDI to Penang?

All good governments should do right things for the nation and its people, this is the fundamental reason they are elected by its people.

Doing the right thing in the right time is the basis responsibility for a good leader under the good governance principle. Our politicians elected to form government are paid by our taxpayers to do right things and implement right policies, and the rakyat have the rights to condemn (not equal to 4-letter word as propagated by Wee Meng Chee!) them to hell if they fail to carry out trust given to them.

PM Najib can boast up his reforms will make Malaysia the most democratic nation in the world?

CM Lim Guan Eng can boast up his CAT will make Penang government the most cleanest state in the world?

Who cares? People judge them not by their words and slogans, but from their concrete actions and measurable results.

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Sandra says:

We all know BN is bad.
So no need to further analyse to be more frustrated.

Those people who are frustrated on both ends (BN and PR) will end up disillusioned like those KITA fellows. Sad but true.

I shall exercise my vote and let the nature takes its course.

Awan says:

The travel expenses of PM Najib and his deputy, including their spouses from 2008 till June 2011 amounted to RM17,118,650.58 and RM8,020,328.07 respectively, making a grand total of RM25,138,978.65

The annual breakdown of “official expenses” of the prime minister and his spouse for the years from 2008 till June 2011 amounted to RM1,739,332.85, RM4,811,837.48, RM5,130,370.99 and RM5,427,172.26.

Travel expenses incurred by the Najibs for the first half of 2011 have exceeded the entire year travel expenses for the past 3 years.

Why waste so much on traveling?

Why not used video conferencing at Cyberjaya?

东方不败 says:

BN’s version/definition of best democracy:

1. Arrest anyone wearing yellow T shirts.
2. Black out offending lines from the Economist.
3. Summon newspaper editors to write what UMNO wants.
4. “I tolong you, You tolong I”.
5. Detain Teresa Kok and Sin Chew reporter under ISA.
6. Shackle university students’ thinking faculties.