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Another Boleh! Vietnam internet speed is twice faster than Malaysia

Malaysia is first country in South East Asia connected to internet superhighway in 1993 by Jaring, but the complacency and anti-competition business policy have dragged our feet to compete with the outside world.

The latest development and progress in the internet download speed benchmarking is a wake-up to Malaysia, we either buck up or kick up by our external competitors.

Let’s forget to compare Malaysia with Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., they already sprung to a higher tier in the cyber world.

I just do a quick check on the latest internet download speed data available at, and I shaking my head in disbelief after seeing these below data.

Malaysia average downloading speed 179 KB/s, is a baseline to compare with our third world neighboring countries,

>China is 1.4X faster

>Thailand is 1.5X faster

>Vietnam is 2X faster

The consolidation price for Malaysia is our internet speed is still 1.4X faster than Indonesia, maybe this is the last feel good factor for our national IT policy makers.

This is only for downloading speed benchmarking, the broadband unit price is another burden for Malaysians. For instance, China internet broadband unit price is about at a half of Malaysia, and yet its users still enjoy 1.4 times faster speed than us.

Multi Super Corridor itself does not make Malaysia a first world IT hub if its people still cannot access to the world-class internet facility like in South Korea with 12.3X faster download speed than us.

In order to regain our competitiveness in the cyber world, the monopoly of backbone and last-mile services by Telekom has to be quickly dismantled before Malaysia is falling to last position in the SEA or even in the world.

I urge PM Najib to cut internet subscription fees by 50% in this coming budget announcement for Malaysians to enjoy more value for money internet services. Many youngsters and first-time voters may see this price cut is a positive move to regain our lose ground in the cyber world and their gratitudes may translate to votes for those government who is willing to listen to their grouses.

What the heck BN government is doing?

Yes, BN is also adopting LGE’s new CAT. Corruption, Arrogance and Talking.

South Korea tops in Internet download speed: study

WASHINGTON — South Korea has the world’s top Internet download speeds followed by Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia, according to a study released on Tuesday.

The United States placed just 26th in the analysis of the speed of worldwide Internet connections conducted by Pando Networks.

The average download speed in South Korea was 2,202 kilobytes per second, Pando said, with Romania (1,909 KBps), Bulgaria (1,611 KBps), Lithuania (1,462 KBps and Latvia (1,377 KBps) rounding out the top five.

Japan was next at 1,364 KBps, followed by Sweden (1,234 KBps), Ukraine (1,190 KBps), Denmark (1,020 KBps) and Hong Kong (992 KBps).

The average download speed in the United States was 606 KBps, slightly better than the worldwide average of 580 KBps, Pando said.

The study was based on 27 million downloads by 20 million computers in 224 countries from January through June 2011, Pando said.

The slowest average download speed was recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo at 13 KBps, followed by the Central African Republic at 14 KBps and the Comoros at 23 KBps.

“The disparities we found were striking,” Pando chief executive Robert Levitan said in a release.

“While, in general, developed economies outpaced the developing world in average download speeds, big names such as the US, UK, France, China and Canada were not even close to being the fastest,” Levitan said.

Britain had average download speeds of 599 KBps, France 604 KBps, China 245 KBps, and Canada 579 KBps.

“Instead, we saw high speeds in markets such as Eastern Europe where focus on infrastructural development and favorable geography promote a higher level of connectivity,” Levitan said.

An interactive map of the data is available at

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bgkhoo says:

Every PC Fair you go to you will see those internet providers using school students to pester you to sign up, operate like pasar malam vendors. There are lots of hidden costs, terms & conditions although the offerings are very costly given the low bandwidth provided.

Like Pak Lah has said, truly 3rd class mentality.

GenY now download movies from internet, jammed the bandwidth in the process and put many DVD vendors out of business.

Dabangg of Muar says:

RTM, TV3, 8TV etc have been showing Msia TM’s High Speed BroadBand launch documentary.
Another “syiok sendiri” campaign to glorify TM’s Unifi project.
Ask people of the street, only a very small % can afford such high speed broadband plan.

Msians in general uses internet more for social activities and broadband for downloading movies. These folks jammed the broadband highway bandwidths.

nkkhoo says:

That is true, 90% of broadband users use less than 30GB a month.

The right broadband pricing should be divided to limited and unlimited packages.

30G limited package for non-P2P user should pay at least 50% less than unlimited package.