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BN is a daylight robber

Elegant Advisory who was not paid by BN for supplying RM200 million campaigning materials and services to them in GE 11. Elegant Advisory may be a crony for UMNO politician who is no longer in the cabinet, that is not the subject of argument.

The company lost the case in court for not filing legal suit within the six years grace period, does not mean BN is standing on the high moral ground.

BN is a daylight robber who has no shame to rob anyone, and pariah is a name rightfully reserved for BN.

1Malaysia = BN diutamakan, Duit rakyat dirampaskan.

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居鑾大俠 says:

The transcript of ABC’s interview with Lim Guan Eng does not contain any mention of Johor, contrary to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin’s claim.

It proves that Guan Eng did not slander Johor.

Nice try, DPM!

Awan says:

I wish to share this simple message from a FMT article:

BN appears to treat the rakyat like fools; it vexes us with sodomy trials, sex tapes and the rewriting of history. Then, in an attempt to bolster our flagging spirits, it tell us that the Internal Security Act (ISA) will be abolished and Malaysia made the “best democracy in the world”

Many people fail to realise that in the run-up to the general election, there is a concerted effort by Umno-BN to discredit opposition MPs and hence destabilise them.

Awan says:

The repealed ISA is to be replaced by the “the best democracy in the world” act, whereby no criticism of umno will be allowed.

Anyone who criticize “the best democracy in the world” will soon find himself charged like Mat Sabu for distorting historical facts and attempting to create chaos.

Yen Yen’s advertisements will no longer proclaim “Malaysia Truly Asia” BUT “Malaysia the best democracy in the world”.

Malaysia the best democracy in the world – that’s how saifool’s own sperma ended up in his own rectum.

That’s BN Transformasi for you.

nkkhoo says:

I agree Malaysian will be the best democracy in the world after ISA abolishment.

Why? Malaysia is having a new terrorism act which is better (more humane) than America, the present best democracy in the world. Uncle Sam puts the suspects in Guatemalan Cuba, while Malaysia will put the suspects in our backyard.

A leopard will not change its spots is my observation about UMNO, and its running dogs until they lose power like Taiwan Nationalist party.

bgkhoo says:


bgkhoo says:

How much money is spent in Najib ‘Cool Makeover’?