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Mat Sabu is helping families of slain Bukit Kepong policemen get noticed again

Why not compensate those policemen slain in the Bukit Kepong incident if UMNO believes they are heroes? Let pay one million ringgit for each family.

The historical fact is these policemen served the British colonial after Japanese surrendered in the world war 2.

I am confident to say this because Japanese surrendered to British, not the Malay sultans.

Who pay the salary for these policemen then? What flag was flying high in the Bukit Kepong police station?

How on earth Mat Sabu is wrong in saying Mat Indera is a freedom fighter unless Malaysia history taught in the textbook is totally wrong and distorted by BN.

UMNO goons argued Mat Indera and communists were fighting for their own agenda unlike UMNO fighting for its people. (Do you believe this claim?}

My question is what agenda in the communist party? They might want to run a single party totalitarian nation like the China Communist Party in China.

What is the problem with this?

There was no Malaya constitution in 1950, and established a communist nation was not an illegal and unpatriotic movement. Malaya is still an independent nation under the communist ruling except a new political system is introduced.

Mao Tze Tung was recognized as a national hero in China, and late Tun Razak acclaimed the Chinese national hero openly.

No compensation for Bukit Kepong warriors

THERE is still bitterness in the heart of Sarjan Jamil Mohd Shah’s eldest daughter who’s disappointed it took so long to get her father’s sacrifice recognised.

Siti Salmah Jamil was 10 when her father was killed during the ambush by Communist insurgents on the Bukit Kepong police station in 1950.

Jamil was survived by four children. His fourth child, Md Nor Jamil, was only seven days old at the time.

Siti Salmah said her family made the most on their father’s pension for a limited time. Then her mother began receiving a pension a few years after his death although no compensation was made to the families by the federal or state governments.

“For much of the past 61 years, nobody cared about us. During those decades, we only received an invitation to watch the Bukit Kepong movie in 1981. That was all,” she told The Malay Mail.

She said initially the family survived on the monthly pension RM70. Despite that, she completed her Form Five studies.

“We then asked the government for financial support but we received no aid at all. After we finished our SPM, mother did not receive any more pension. It was only after Mat Sabu’s controversial remarks did people begin to take notice,” said Siti Salmah, adding she is not angry but saddened by the PAS deputy president’s unkind remarks.

“It was Mat Sabu’s comments that forced people to recall events at Bukit Kepong.”

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nurulein says:

Going by same logic, LGE’s remark on Johor will make the polis work harder to reduce crime rate. Good for Johoreans!

Awan says:

Very true. Now umnoputeras are beginning to visit the graves of the policemen to milk more publicity.