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Another Boleh...KD Pari Patrol Boat Sinking by itself

This made-in-Malaysia navy patrol boat was sinking by itself after chasing a China navy patrol boat intruded into Pulau Layang-layang water.

During the September 15 incident, the ship’s main engine room was flooded when one of its shaft was reportedly damaged. The engine shaft was dislodged after high speed chasing which caused a hole in the boat hull.

Our enemy does not need to fire a single shot, our patrol boat will kaput by itself.

KD Pari is a Jerong Class Fast Attack Craft (Gun) built by Hong-Leong Lurrsen shipyard, Butterworth, Penang in 1977. To date there has been no official announcement with regard to the FAC(G) status whether it could be repaired and returned to active duty. Local source say that repair works might be too costly to be done but this however still depend on RMN assessment and study of this matter.

The navy is still waiting for KD Sri Inderapura replacement as well as the definitive type for its LCS program, in which six of the vessels are in the pipeline. Nevertheless, delays and setbacks would cause serious detrimental effect to RMN’s operational tempo especially in times where Chinese and Indonesian aggressions at the Spratlys and Ambalat regions are in the rise.


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Awan says:

It must have activated its self-destruct mode to protect the Malaysia Boleh technology from the Chinese navy.

Ray says:

Too much mission impossible for them?

Surely must outdo the submarine that cannot sink or float.