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A bad father and a good son

I patronized a supermarket yesterday for my weekly ration restock, I parked the trolley behind me when I squatted down to check facial lotions on the rack. There were no other patrons on the row when I parked the trolley

A young Malay man aged 20 year over with a daughter and a son walking to my direction. I believe the trolley is slightly blocking his way, he has intentionally pushed the trolley to the main aisle which is obstructing others.

I do not want to make noise for such a trivial matter, I just kept quiet and observed them.

His 4-5 year daughter trailing behind him also mimicked her father, pushed the trolley further away from me. Then his 7-8 year son walking behind the little girl, pushed the trolley back to my direction at his own initiative.

The philosophy is that an adult man is showing a bad example to his children. The small boy is more civil conscious and qualified than the father as a parental role model. The father should be ashamed for his behavior.

The small boy proves this Malay proverb, “bapa borek, anak rintik” is not always true.

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Sukir says:

Father smokes, son will follow.
Father watches porn DVD, son will follow.

Father have extra-marital affair in hotel, son will surely follow, especailly the mother has endorsed it.

Ray says:

Nowadays parents depend on Astro Tutor to guide the behavior of their children.