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China makes USD 5 only for each iPhone sold to you

Let think about exploitation behind the Apple’s products sold to consumers if you are Apple fan.

Apple’s suppliers in China like Foxconn has pushed its workers to crazy because of super thin margin for manufacturing outsourcing works.

There were more than 10 reported cases of Foxconn worker committing suicide by jumping down from their hostels in year 2010 alone. How about unreported incidents?

How much iPhone price in Malaysia? I take the average price at RM2500 or USD830. USD 5 is about 0.6% of iPhone retailing price in Malaysia.

The workers in Foxconn or elsewhere in Asia are iSlave for Apple Inc, this statement is not exaggerated with such a meager margin paid to sweatshop manufacturers.

A Hong Kong’s NGO launched a protest against Apple and Foxconn when the first Apple retail store was opened in Hong Kong.

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Sandra says:

The Iphone craze has enriched many vendors of phone accessories shops.

The unit cost of a phone casing is not more than RM1, but is sold for RM15-RM20. No wonder DVD pirates ar now ‘switching focus’ to sell phone casings. Many of them are now driving BMWs while an engineering grads can only afford MyVi or Proton. This is to get rich fast in Malaysia, peddling pirated stuff that has evolved from pirated video, to VCD, DVD and now blu-ray discs. not to mention pirated Prada/LV bags and Polo shirts.

Dabangg of Muar says:

Gadis also get spooked easily at kilang – mass hysteria espeicially during montly “leakages” moments !

Foxconn Senai – be warned ahead ! Chinese medium or Local Bomoh must be engaged upfront !

nkkhoo says:

Seem only Malay girls are attacked by hysteria. When I was in a rural secondary school, a number (sometimes more than 10 girls) of Malay girls in mass hysteria before the examination is a common scene.

I believe this is something to do with genetics, some Malays will amok or hysteria under intense pressure.

Sukir says:

If Foxconn comes to Iskandar Johor, will we see more suicide among our gadis kilang? Maybe not if the scolding in chinese make no sense to them. Ha ha. Better not work there if you treasure your life. Maybe they can get Bangla Engineers working for Indon boss in Foxconn Johor.

So CSL also follow Naza, rebadging and call our own product? Another Malaysia Boleh spirit.

nkkhoo says:

Foxconn is setting up a new plant in Senai.

I was in the local factory for years, there is no way our local people can be pushed and scolded like the Mainland Chinese.

UMNO people will come to factory to complain if Malay girls are standing to work and Malay engineers not promoted. (It was happened in a Japanese factory in Batu Pahat).

You will be surprised to see girls from kampong can be so motivated and dedicated to their jobs. There is a soft approach to motivate local people to achieve world-class productivity.

Ti Beng says:

Foxconn will get regular visits by Bomba to check on fire safety, then asking you-know-what or the factory is not allowed to operate.

Sukir says:

Are you suggesting that we buy CSL phone – support local and show your support to your favourite leader CSL?

nkkhoo says:

CSL phones are sourced from China and re-brand it to Malaysia product.

There are a few phone models from Nokia and Blackberry (not yet roll out) made in Malaysia through EMS.

Foxconn is coming to Johor, I believe the managers of Foxconn will commit suicide, not Malaysian workers when they start its operations here, and after learning Malaysian productivity is a small fraction of Mainland Chinese.

Foxconn is running like a paramilitary organization, only tough and strong minded people can survive in the company. Its suppliers also get 4-letter word in the meeting room.

LGE is my favourite leader now, he is in my hit list for his big head and big mouth syndrome.