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DAP big mouth and big head LGE is a disservice to PR


Lim Guan Eng is harping on Chinese supports for him to remain as Penang Chief Minister, he does not care for other states.

He can deny he said so in Australia, but TV3 showed another voice recording in Singapore to prove that LGE did attack Johor like Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee Kuan Yew had apologized for such uncalled for remark, I am still awaiting what LGE will say and do after the public exposure on his big mouth remark.

The police statistics (if you don not believe it, please produce a reliable alternative source) says crime rate in Johor is lower than Penang.

The crime rate drops faster in a year in Penang than Johor does not mean the overall crime rate in Penang is better than Johor. Should I teach him this simple logic?

LGE is still lacking common sense and tactful political skill in his public speaking.

Even I bash BN and UMNO almost everyday, I will not attack or bad mouthing Malaysia or any state in Malaysia when I mingle with foreigners or in my blog.

Malaysia and its states are subjects under the king and sultans, not under UMNO or DAP.

Penang CM gets flak again for saying Johor unsafe

KUALA LUMPUR – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng faces fresh allegations of yet again portraying Johor as being unsafe.

He was alleged to have made the latest claim when addressing a luncheon talk with the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore, recently.

TV3’s Bulletin Utama last night played an audio recording of Lim saying: “So you don’t have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang.

“In Johor, if you are Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped”.

Local online news portal, The Mole reported that when contacted, Lim who is in Surabaya, Indonesia, declined to comment.

The DAP secretary-general had been in the hot soup for allegedly saying in an interview, with an Australian radio station, that Johor was not a safe state where the chances of being kidnapped was high.

He had since denied uttering the remarks.

Lim’s remarks on Johor the first time around, however, drew the ire of many, including Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who had said Lim should not look down and sabotage other states.

Muhyiddin said Lim’s action in undermining Johor would give a bad image of Malaysia and would also affect other states.

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niceguy says:

Was he talking to journalists or investors?

It seems more likely he was taking to a group of businessmen and asking them to come to invest in Penang; well more likely the latter than the kbc former unless he wanted to play tour guide with a bunch of foreign reporters.

Businessmen are not dummies, else they would be out of business very fast if they are. And not too uptight either, as they have thicker wallets than you and me (or maybe just me), and unlike TV3, would know a jest when they hear one.

ping says:

dude. got alternative link for video? dont seem to work.

Mary says:

One thing about Msia internaltional “sb”, they do their homework
overseas the best in the world.
I recall a friend bad-mouthed Msia in Geneva back in mid 1980s, the moment he stepped out of the plane in Subang Airport a week later, he was taken. Off course he denied, but video voice shots dont lie. In the end, he admitted.
The moral of the story, “lge do not learn, he thinks Malaysia is “his country”!!!

nkkhoo says:

A Chinese official with a major rank from the Mindef visited Kuantan Airbase as a site auditor when I was there as a trainee, he spoke many bad things with his colleague about Malaysia Air Forces.

At first, I thought he was from Singapore Air Force, but later I realized he was from KL Mindef.

He thought I am an idiot who could not understand English. I did not record his conversations, otherwise I would report that bad mouthing incident to Mindef.

Fauziah says:

Surprise that nkkhoo can believe in TV3.

nkkhoo says:

Right-minded people will get the news from all sources and filter out with their own intelligence.

Do you believe MalaysiaKini or CNN is not bias at all?

There is no such neutral reporting in this world.

Ti Beng says:

It is true that the crime rate in Johor is very high. The police can say the crime rate has gone down but they met the KPI by not recording crime reports. Ask any JB residents and many has chose not to report crime (snath theft, vandalism, roberry) as the police would come late to the crime scene (or not at all) and told the victims that they were helpless even though they knew the culprits. Singaporeans are easy target as the police would only entertain them in BM. That’s meeting KPI under Najib’s administration

nkkhoo says:

No reporting to police is happened in every where especially from those kiasi Chinese.

Chinese are talking loud and no action type of personalities. People like you is always blame police or others when something bad happen.