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A rubbish attacks another thrash...Namewee vs Utusan

Do you watch film made by Ibrahim Ali if any? I will not watch any films from these people even be given a free ticket. Same logic applies to Namewee.

People like Fauziah Arof has absolute rights not to watch Namewee’s garbage. What’s wrong with her decision as an Utusan reporter?

I read from a comment in the MalaysiaKini Chinese about Nasi Lemak 2.0, the comment says the plots in the movie are too superficial in addressing Malaysia racial disunity problem. There are all symptoms, not the root causes of the racial polarization.

When anyone disagrees with Namewee and criticize him openly, he will retaliate by making a fxxx your mother video to attack his opponents, this is so-called Chinese hero and Malaysian patriot?

This is a total failure of Chinese independence school and his parents for producing a person who has no EQ to take on critics.

Actually his latest fxxx utusan youtube video is designed to get more Malaysians to watch his movie. Another million will go to his pocket if you cannot resist temptation to watch his movie.

Namewee’s past bad records in insulting Malaysia were forgiven by our Malaysian politicians from BN and PR to bait votes from Chinese. Namewee may get off the hook even he rape your daughter as long as he is still an valuable asset for some politicians like Nazri.

I am sick to see BN and PR to solicit Namewee to their side.

The final winner is Namewee himself with such a huge publicity giving to him. He will be a millionaire by now and thousands of Malaysians (me also) are bickering and fighting in internet like the bloody fools.

Namewee is laughing to check his bank account everyday!

I believe more than 90% people watching Nasi Lemak 2.0 because of his “fame” from all sort of controversies and his “biadap” in four letter word.

If you think Malaysia got better future with a joker like Namewee in the center stage of political dogfight, then you are wrong, Malaysia will be more divided with Namewee and Ibrahim Ali as the main players in the show.

The whole nation is being played out left and right by the racists named Namewee and Katak.

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niceguy says:

Please pardon me as this is an old post, and I keep returning to it.

I re-read your post; and had just google the relevant articles you were referring to:…-fauziah-arof/

Fauziah Arof wrote her opinion; and IMHO, it was a fair comment and opinion of what she thought of namewee and why she thought so.

As I wrote above, I’ve had only watched 2 of his videos in you-tube; and not going to bother searching/googling more videos of his.

What is said in the above 2nd link “namewee-calls-utusan-trash”, I quote…

“That kind of newspaper runs down Malaysians, runs down the people… You have a pen, you have a keyboard and you’re considered a reporter,” he belted out sarcastically in Malay, along with a series of expletives.
“Trash newspaper! Scum of society! Trash writer!” he added.” End quote.

… is enough to judge/know what a nasty piece he is.

“He said the least the Utusan writer could have done was to watch his movie before making her comments.”

LOL. I don’t think he read the article; or understand what she wrote. I’m with her in not wanting to watch any of his movies or videos…

(Please excuse me for putting in the links; they were top results returned by Goolge. I hardly browse those online websites… some of the childish comments can be sickening.)

nkkhoo says:

Namewee claimed he has a master in media communications from a Taiwan University, but he cannot differentiate opinion and news report.

Those brainless people idolize him as a “super hero”. 🙂

gempak says:

Actually our local mainstream media, particularly TV3 8pm buletin are all agenda-based opinions to force onto the mind of rakyat. Kampung folks are at risk because their views are not balanced by alternative media due to no internet access (TMNut is still lagging). A typical sembang kampung will revolved around the agenda-based opinions (lies included) they received from the TV news buletin the nite before. The agenda is to hentam their political enemies first to gain front-page headline on Utusan to force-feed they opinion.

Even the so-called professors and historians are disputing facts to claim that we were never been jajah. What more can you expect from a graduate?
Everyone is championing their own views, even bloggers, because of their personal experience and emotional response.

Alfred says:

Yes, all bloggers only express their opinion, which unfortunately are not necessarily facts.

Bloggers can manipulate ’emosi’ with their writings.

Be careful.

Mashita says:

Well said.

Never trust blog 100%.

Suaramesra says:

Minister Nazri said:
Seperti yang ditegaskan, saya tiada masalah dengan filem Nasi Lemak2.0.

Lalang says:

Emergence of Perkasa and Namewee is the result of the failure of BN’s NEP.

niceguy says:

Spend money to see Nasi Lemak. Nah, better eat it with teh tarik.

iceyoyo says:

Whatever it is, need Namewee to neutralise the Perkasa effect for the sake of equilibrium. That’s cold war concept of peace. However, there will be a new world order if Hindraf is revived and join the fray.

Then we have yong tau foo vs nasi lemak vs thosai!

niceguy says:

Maybe you’re young and thinks rudeness is the new cool.

OMG, reading your post reminds of the sms menu mentioned in the Star. So kiasu that you want someone from your race to be on the menu too! Choi!!!!


Wadiamanis says:

I think you can learn rudeness in Utusan.

niceguy says:

1st came across him in that Negaraku-ku youtube video. OK, that’s cool.

2nd time, the TNB video. That was so biadab. If I was there in the compound when he was cursing his ass off, I would have slap him there and then.

If I ever meet him in person, I would go “Hi, Mr T.N.B. How are you and your mother?”

Sandra says:

Certainly we need to make known in the open the symptons of our social ills and injustice, something that the ruling party is refusing to acknowlege while blanketing it under the concept of 1Malaysia. Nasi Lemak 2.0 in 90 mins can only do that. Hopefully with Finas financial support the sequel will see how we can address the issue. Don’t forget David Teo of Metrowealth failed in his first 3 local movies.

The success of Namewee, at least among the Generasi Baru Chinese is a slap to MCA who should take it as a wake-up call. Namewee to the young Chinese is the counter balance and natural response to the Perkasa’s racist agenda.

The Nasi Lemak by 2.0 means a local dish that has fused and incorporated all racial elements (Baba Nyonya’s agak-agak touch + Indian spice, Malay original + Chinese creativity) to be repackaged into something new that is 1Malaysia. I shall not be the spoiler for those who have yet to watch this movie.

zeus says:

but peoples nowadays (especially Chinese) are fully support him, because they think he is ‘patriotic’

first, i have to admit that NameWee has a good talent in music, i like his songs so much, but i cant agree that people labelled him as a patriotic

maybe our chinese community at Msia have been represented by hoodless and ballless MCA and Gerakkan for so many year, so suddenly come out a such person that dare to speak out our heart feeling, so automatically he will be seek as a hero for Chinese.

but i feel his way in express the ‘disagree’ to the racism will make Chinese community (which many are consisted by his supporters) and Malay community stand against each other in future time..more worse is due to our cultural, Chinese thinking way are in binary , either black or white. If I (a chinese ) criticize his way in express his feeling, many other Chinese will label as 汉奸 or what…= = (because i criticize our ‘chinese hero’ )

im really worry about his implication to the Chinese youth in Msia

nkkhoo says:

Almost no friends of mine supporting him because we are in the different generation.

His supporters are mainly young and teenage Chinese who are losers under the NEP.

A true patriotism will not create hatred and controversies among its people, Namewee and Ibrahim Ali definitely not in this group.

Sandra says:

I learnt from a MCA source (must protect the identty for such priviledge info) that Namewee is actually funded by MCA. He is Muar boy and that is a already a strong hint. MCA cannot attack Umno or Perkasa under the MCA banner, and use Namewee to do the damage. Namewee already made his millions from MCA and any income from rapping is merely for pocket money expenses.

nkkhoo says:

Unlikely, the popularity of Namewee in the young Chinese sect will see MCA in a bad light as UMNO sycophant.

Maybe MCA miscalculated the original plan.

JJ Wong says:

Ha ha!
Umno an MCA are ‘friends’ on the surface. But they use their ‘proxy’ in Perkasa and Namewee to fight each other.

In the end, people who voted for Umno and MCA thought that BN is a happy family.
Kena tipu !