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Refunding for Dana Johor's non-bumi promise is broken by MCA

It was reported in the Sin Chew that the refunding is not materialized by this November as promised earlier. Dana Johor says let wait for another six months.

If you are Johor Dana bondholders, you should know what to do. MCA promise is like toilet paper, it worths nothing except to clean up UMNO’s asshole.

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MayDay says:

A good news for you or just another empty promise to please you before election?


giatmarah says:

Johor government made lots of money but has squandered a lot as reported by the A-G.

ramakrishnan says:

the prime minister should intervene on dana johore matters.
regret to note it is really unfair treatment to the non malays by the johore government.

Manja says:


Any new update on this matter?

Better push your luck now since election is coming.

Wadiamanis says:

The Johor government is discriminating against non-Malays in not fully compensating Dana Johor (DJ) unit trust fund investors. Why not be fair to both Amanah Saham Johor (ASJ) and DJ investors? Hundreds of thousands of non-Malay Johoreans who invested in DJ are losing their hard-earned money now. Why can’t the Johor government rescue them both, Malay and non- Malay investors alike? Why are they only helping ASJ investors? Where is the fairness?

MCA came into the picture asked its party members and non-Malays to invest in DJ by convincing the people that this trust fund was good. Many Johorean Chinese invested, even to the extent of borrowing from the banks.

But ASJ and DJ are not performing. Badly managed. The Johor government then offered to buy back ASJ shares from investors at RM1 per share – the original purchase price. But it is now discriminating against DJ investors who are mostly non-Malays in Johore. The Johor government only intends to buy back DJ shares at RM0.50 per share- half the purchase price of RM1.

Why our Johor government, elected by its people, cannot be fair to all Johoreans regardless of race and religion? ASJ’s and DJ’s investors are all Johoreans so why the discrimination against DJ investors?

Lalang says:

When the Dana Johor share value dropped from RM1 per unit to 18 sen, some were happy that Johor Corp is offering 50 sen to buy back each share in order to wind up the fund.

However, some were not happy because Johor Corp had previosly wound up Amanah Saham Johor, which was for Bumiputera only, at a one ringgit per unit scheme.

So nkkhoo should get MCA to press for RM1/unit refund, as BN flers will do anything now that they are desperate for election votes!

行动华人 says:

马华依然停留在卖力发文告的思维, 并不重视推动改革, 如今正走向“不合时宜”的路上, 已屡屡招致民众的质疑, 看来并无法改变党所面临的低迷状况!!!

Lalang says:

nkkhoo please translate this comment for your readers, please.

Boboi says:

MCA have sold the chinese trust to stuffed their own stomach with cash, after 50 years the chinese community still have to beg for rights to be a citizen and not called pendatang, beg for alocation to fund chinese school, to look for land and fund to built their own chinese school and temple, to beg for scholarship, to beg for goverment project and procurement contract and excluded from all privitisation projects, to be forced to leaved our beloved country for a greener and fairer education and employment enviroment overseas etc. Therefore there are no reason for us to trust you anymore. MCA have betrayed us.

nurulein says:

CSL may need Da Ma Cai to rescue Dana Johor?

Dabangg of Muar says:

JJ Wong
Your comments open my minds. I sensed many Johoreans still in slumber mood being lured by MCA’s lullaby.
F it. I go for DAP for sure now.

JJ Wong says:

Change of plan by MCA is expected as BN need to money for election war chest. Maybe CSL need the money for vote buying as it is strongly rumoured that LKS and Tian Chua are contesting Johor. Also Umno need the money as Johor Corp is no longer in good financial position.

Dana Johor investors has actually funded BN to make Johor an even stronger BN fortress. So the people in Johor should demand more from BN.

nkkhoo says:

LKS or Tian Chuan only dare to contest in the Chinese majority constituency.

CSL will keep hiding in the Malay majority seat forever.

You will never see these Chinese politicians in the dogfight.

Wadiamanis says:

Most of the BN-UMNO companies do not really make money without Chinese participation, the reason is because of mismanagement and miss allocation of funds. Therefore, think twice before you invest.

Johoreans are way better off crossing the causeway to invest in Singapore. Your money will not only be protected, but also guaranteed to make money. And there is no discrimination too.

Dabangg of Muar says:

sorry you get disappointed as well.
CSL truly not reliable.
what a shocker to us all.
Next time MCA dinner just go there MAKAN & we also no need to commit for the vote.
I think a 3rd force is needed now to break mca’s perceived fixed deposit in johor.
Fellow Johorians pls stand up and be counted !

Jonathan says:

Here is my honest opinion on Dr Chua of MCA. I had a lot of respect an admiration for him when he was the health minister, but ever since he took over the leadership of the party and each time he opens his mouth on national and other issues affecting the rakyat, he sounds stupid and more stupid. Has he run out of ideas and intellectual arguments on issues? If so, he should keep quiet that will safe him some embrassments in the eyes of MCA members in particular and the rakyat in general. Having said that i must add that he and MCA has become irrelevant in malaysian politics at the present time. I wont be surprised if he and MCA is wiped out in the next GE just like MIC and Gerakan. Happy retirement and enjoy all the ill gotten favours….

iceyoyo says:

A sex scandal or any scandal is a public revelation of one’s character. Therefore it follows that politicians should maintain the highest moral standards. It ALSO implies that if rigorous moral standards are applied, very, very few people would qualify to stand in elections and especially Umno as a political party has to close shop for lack of candidates of character.