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sPICE is another BN project under PR

Anil Netto published a detailed transcript on grilling session against MPPP chairman and state exco in a press conference.

Lim Guan Eng is again hiding behind his own subordinates when it comes to grilling session.

All right-minded people will shake their heads in disbelief after reading through the transcript. The whole tender process is scandalous with no business feasibility study by a qualified party.

Pico and Taman Kasturi may be RM2 companies set up by the same developer or associated parties to make up three bidders.

PR is slightly better than BN on its “openness” to be grilled unlike BN who is running a snake oil black box tender for its cronies.

If LGE wants to be different than BN, it’s better for him to re-visit LKY for a lecture on how to run a transparent and clean government.

In short, sPICE is another BN project under PR.

In a simple mathematic formula, PR = BN.

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