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Who says English is only technical language?

Chinese language was used for launching rocket and space craft in China. Not a single English word was used in the entire rocket launching process.

Who says English is only technical language? Chinese, Japanese, Germany and Russian languages are proven as good as English in the technical field.

Malay language is not a technical language yet because its owners are still sloppy in all aspects of technical and science subjects.


The benefits of English-medium national-type schools

September 29, 2011

The benefits of English-medium national-type schools, which are vital to our country’s future, are crystal clear.

By Lan Boon Leong

It was reported in the press last month that the Education Ministry is sticking by its decision to abolish the PPSMI policy of teaching and learning Science and Mathematics in English.

The abolishment of the policy means that the two subjects will be taught solely in Bahasa Malaysia in the national schools, and solely in Mandarin or Tamil in the national-type schools.

The Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said he and many other academics believe the two subjects need to be taught in the students’ mother tongues.

UNESCO, in fact, advocates mother-tongue education for all subjects because studies have shown that children learn better in their mother tongue.

However, mother-tongue education, although desirable, will make the national and national-type schools even more ethnically polarized than they are today.

Moreover, there are many Malaysian children of diverse ethnic background – Malays included – whose mother tongue or first language is English.

But there are presently no English-medium national-type schools to accommodate them. These children are academically disadvantaged compared to their peers whose mother tongue is Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin or Tamil.

The solution to these two problems – ethnic segregation and linguistic inequity – is obvious: the government needs to add English-medium national-type schools to our national school system.

These schools will clearly not be attended solely by English-speaking Malaysian children. Many parents of children whose mother tongue is not English would also send their children to these schools because they understand the importance of English for their children’s future.

Convert nation schools

English-medium national-type schools will therefore have a much better ethnic mix of students than the Mandarin or Tamil counterparts and the national schools, and thus able to foster ethnic harmony unlike our present schools.

Furthermore, children whose mother tongue is not English who attend these schools should be more proficient in English.

These benefits of English-medium national-type schools, which are vital to our country’s future, are crystal clear.

So what is stopping the government from establishing them? It is not difficult to do so – we could start simply by converting some national schools, particularly the mission schools, to English-medium ones.

If you are a Malaysian parent who is in favor of the establishment of English-medium national-type schools, please vote at and join PENS (Parents for English-medium National-type Schools) at!/groups/PENSmember/ to help recruit more members.

If we do not push for English-medium national-type schools, they will never be established. But if our collective voice through votes is loud enough, there is at least a possibility. Vote and campaign for your children’s future!

Lan Boon Leong is an Associate Professor at Monash University Sunway Campus.

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niceguy says:

My lousy grammar and spellings is the result of half-half medium schools… sciences in English and art subjects (history and ilmu alam) in Malay.

Suaramesra says:

I can only offer you my sympathy.
Make sure your children do not repeat your mistke.

nkkhoo says:

A friend of mine was from a Chinese school in Batu Pahat, his English grammar is better than many “English” educated Chinese.

Where you study is not the obstacle to learn good English, it’s the availability of good mentor and your desire to learn make the difference.

niceguy says:

“English-medium national-type schools will therefore have a much better ethnic mix of students than the Mandarin or Tamil counterparts and the national schools, and thus able to foster ethnic harmony unlike our present schools.”

Fully agreed; and it was a fact proven by the creation and necessity of “National Service”.

And should began at primary level…

whatsaysyou says:

Great post and yes, there should be national English-medium schools for Malaysians whose English is their mother tongue. Besides, to allow a child to go to one is a right. The national education policy needs to be flexible to accept English medium schools. By the way, you are not the only one who believes that way.

nkkhoo says:

Do you think American government allows Chinese or Malay language as teaching medium in their public funded schools?

First language is not necessary is your mother tongue. Western narrow definition on mother tongue is still a debatable subject.

English is important, but not to the extent that your forget your ancestor’s native language.

How a Chinese learns his/her cultural heritage, arts, literature, etc. through English?

Only some Chinese are so proud to claim that they know nothing about native language from their ancestors. There is no other race in the world so shamelessly to abandon their own native language like Malaysia and Singapore Chinese banana men.

I only agree English school as an alternative at the secondary school level and onwards like the old education system before 1971.

Lalang says:

The Chinese in Johor still prefer Chinese education as their livelihood has long been dependent on Singapore and Taiwan that accept Chinese Language.

The more those PAGE flers insist on PPSMI, the more DPM will resist them in order to promote his own MBMMBI policy. Afterall his children will be educated overseas.

niceguy says:

First language is not necessary yours mother tongue. First language can be defined as the language you’re most fluent in, with the most extensive vocabulary, and the primary language you often used. You can also be more fluent in a 2nd language than yours mother tongue.

The handicapped as you can see when English medium schools were abolished, is that there is a downward spiral of English usage (and proper grammar) among the youths of today. The reason why those older Malay politicians (above 55 yrs old) speak good English is that they attended English medium schools in their youth. (One can also easily spot those who learned English in their later years…)

I have yet to meet any Chinese who has lost his/her mother tongue and was boastfully proud of the fact, but lots of Chinese whose mother tongue is not their first language but secondary language.
Even if they don’t speak their native language, it does not mean they are any lesser Chinese than you. In corollary, they would not be any lesser or more Chinese if they practice a different religion than you do.

“I only agree English school as an alternative at the secondary school level and onwards like the old education system before 1971.”

English medium was available at primary school level, and pupils from other mediums can convert to English medium secondary schools after a year in “Remove” classes.

It was the prerogative of parents to send their children to Malay, English, Chinese or Tamil medium primary schools.

nkkhoo says:

Have you been in Singapore? There are many kiasu Chinese sniff at Chinese language, the native language from their ancestors.

Suaramesra says:

No more English school in Malaysia unless you have the money to enrol for private school or international school.

At least the Chinse school is still maintaining its character and tradition, not to mention the quality. The former so-called English schools or college hve been transformed into malay schools, and the standard is no different from most of the madrasah.

That’s why parents from English education are now enroling their kids for Chinese schools.

niceguy says:

So you are advocating German-medium national-type schools as well?

nkkhoo says:

Germany provides free education to anyone from the earth. If I knew that policy when I was in the primary school, I would learn German language.

niceguy says:

A lame reply… so let’s change the subject.

Any comment on the Deputy PM’s speech that mother tongue language is the language of communication; and appropriate to continue having Chinese and Tamil medium schools, etc. But not English medium schools.

My comment:
Why not English medium schools too? English is the first language of many Malaysians.

P.S. Speaking a foreign language does not means following another culture, certainly does not facilitate improving any policy either, and does not means losing one’s cultural identity too.

And needless to say better grasping, apprehension and understanding of the subject if one is fluent in that language.

TBH says:

USe your brain a little bit la, if you have any.

Germany provides free education to anyone from the earth bcos very very few foreigner go there to study.

If hundred of thousand of foreigners go there (like London or Australia or USA), you think the German govt or for that matter any govt in the world, will still give free education?

What a pea brain logic!

nkkhoo says:

You bloody fool knows nothing like Namewee, tons of Indonesians study in Germany. Because you idiot thinks English is a God language, and always look down at other non-English countries.

Germany provides free education to anyone to redeem their guilt in the world war 2 unlike Japs who never admit their war crime.

niceguy says:

Mr Lan Boon Leong has a good point, and better English would enable me to apprehend the subject and main viewpoint of this blog.

nkkhoo says:

If you ready want to excel in the technical and science subjects and continual to learn new technical knowledge, proficient in these five languages; English, Germany, Japanese, Chinese and Russian are helpful.

Germany is still leading in many precision engineering fields. The cannon barrel for American most advanced battle tank is made by a German company.

Many advanced manufacturing techniques are still written in Japanese language and many of them have never translated to English.

iceyoyo says:

The discussion on this matter is already meaningless and irrelevant as we have already got one angkasawan that successfully proven that MALAYsia Boleh!

nurulein says:

Why depend on English Language when we have a good ally in Russia to send our angkasawan to space?