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Why Google misses Malaysia for its data center setup?

Because internet backbone in Malaysia is stink and suck.

Even Vietnam has a better internet infrastructure than Bolehland.

UPDATE: Google To Build Three Data Centers In Asia, Investment To Exceed $200M

–Google plans to build 3 data centers in Asia with investment exceeding $200 million

–Google says the move will help provide faster access to its services and customers in the region

By Yun-Hee Kim


HONG KONG (Dow Jones)–Google Inc. (GOOG) said Wednesday it will build its own data centers in Asia with an investment of more than $200 million as the U.S. Internet search giant looks to provide faster and more secure access to its services and customers that are growing in this region.

Google plans to build a data center in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong and has acquired land in each country, the company said in a statement. Data centers house computer, telecommunications and storage systems and typically include backup power supplies and security devices.

This would be Google’s first fully-owned data centers in the Asia-pacific region. The company currently owns and operates 6 data centers across the U.S. as well as one in Finland and one in Belgium.

The move to set up new centers in Asia comes as Google, like other Internet companies, is seeing robust growth in Internet traffic and a rise in new users across Asia. More people are using smartphones and tablet computers to log onto the Internet to surf and watch videos requiring higher data bandwidth. But Google has also faced hurdles in growing its business in countries like China where the company has been losing market share to rivals like Baidu Inc. in Internet search. The company had to reroute its search engine to Hong Kong last year due to concerns about censorship.

Southeast Asia, like China, also presents sizable challenges. Several countries, including Vietnam and Thailand, have sought to limit political debate online in recent years by attempting to block some sites, including Facebook. Nevertheless, Google says it is seeing significant growth and locating these data centers in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong is an important next stage for the company’s investment in the region.

“Some of the key things we look for in a site include closeness to our users, robust infrastructure, reliable power, availability of skilled workers, reasonable business regulations and cost,” said Taj Meadows, Asia policy communications manager at Google.

Once construction begins, Google expects the data centers to be operational within one to two years. In Singapore, Google has obtained 2.45 hectares of land in Jurong West, while in Taiwan it acquired 15 hectares of land in Changhua county. In Taiwan, the company expects the facility to add five to 20 full-time staff. In Hong Kong, the U.S. firm has acquired 2.7 hectares of land in Kowloon.

Google has 15 offices and thousands of employees across the Asia Pacific region, including an office in Taiwan.

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nurulein says:

What has happened to our multimedia super corridor?
Were the investors confused by all those koridors by Pak Lah?

I thought TM has launched the high speed broadband, even has an hour documentary to tell its success story on TV during Merdeka month?

Maybe malaysian public only use internet to download movies and not value-added activities?

nkkhoo says:

The Star refused to publish my letter on TMNUT snail net two weeks ago.

BTW, I coined TMNUT in 1998 when I used TMNET dial-up service after my return to Malaysia.