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TAR College and UTAR are symbols of shame to Chinese

The existence of TAR college and UTAR is an official endorsement by MCA that Malaysian Chinese deserved to be treated as the second class citizen.

Under the aparthied NEP, our (mean non-bumi) tax paid to government is used for bumi only MARA and UiTM. MCA as a component party in the BN has agreed that Chinese parents must pay their children education with their own hard earned money besides fulfilling tax obligation.

This is so-called Ah Q mindset, the victim compliments a rapist who rapes his daugther is doing a good service to him and his community.

MCA is a self-proclaimed Chinese hero for setting TAR college and UTAR.

I do not mean to insult those graduates from both institutions, your people are real victims. You may like to believe MCA is helping you, otherwise you have no else to go for your tertiary education. That is a half-truth myth from MCA.

This MCA great achievement is attained through “double taxation” on your parents and official endorsement of second class citizenship for Malaysian Chinese.

1Malay(sia) = Bumi didahulukan, Non-bumi dibelakangkan.

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Ali Setan says:

On the same note, MARA is a shame to all malays.

According to the 2010 Auditor-General’s Report, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) spent money (using funds that were provided under the second Economic Stimulus programme to help the poor boost their income) on frivolous items – at 100% more than the market price:

– An oven at RM1,200 compared to the market price of RM419, for baking and pastry-making courses in Kelantan

– Folding beds at RM500, against the market price of RM100

– Two-burner gas cookers at RM200 each, rather than RM59.90

– Hair clippers supplied at RM250 each, instead of RM79

– A blender at RM140 instead of RM60

The folding beds were used to train masseuses in traditional post-maternity massage; and the hair clippers were for grooming courses. These purchases were done through direct negotiations, not open tender, and without the Finance Ministry’s approval.

Ravi says:

If MCA were to reject all cabinet positions, it’s hardly a loss to the Chinese community, is it?

Currently, they hardly represent the Chinese community at all as they’re too worried about their own rice bowl to be anything other than a silent servant to UMNO.

Notice the absence of any strong movement by MCA to help the Chinese businessmen in Chinatown against the MRT forced land acquisition… Note: the Minister of Transport is an MCA politician and he is totally silent on the issue of land acquisition in Chinatown.

Dabangg of Muar says:

Kolej to become Universiti Kolej and why not purely Universiti ?

Only in Malaysia the creation of Universiti Kolej in between Kolej & Universiti to artificially raise the statu and satify some folks. Truly LPPL !

nkkhoo says:

Imperial College without any university attached does not dent its reputation.

Bolehland can give any name on its universities, but as long as its academic standard is adjusted to pass those rejected lots, no MNCs will hire them.

Lalang says:

UiTM campuses mushrooming everywhere in Bolehland, contributing to the high level of unemployed graduates.

In the meantime, graduates from TAR and UTAR are welcomed with open arms in Singapore. PAP must be thanking MCA.

nkkhoo says:

I pity with TAR’s poor lab facilities when I visited their campus in KL.

I (and another two friends) did meet up with UTAR mechanical faculty dean, a PhD graduate from the Cambridge. He was very humble to say Imperial College is stronger in engineering studies when he noticed my friend was a PhD graduate from Imperial College. 🙂

I have rejected to provide services to UiTM as a protest to UMNO racial discrimination policy.