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Amanah Raya Berhad in Muar is suck with its poor service

Risda asked my family to transfer the shares of my late father to any of my siblings before they issue new dividends.

I went to Amanah Raya Berhad in Muar for share transfer application in last February. Below is the chronicle of my trips,

Trip 1 in February 2011: Took the form and checklist from the official in-charge.

Trip 2 in late February 2011: Accomplished by two witnesses to their office after they signed two separate documents in front of an oath commissioner. After submitted the form, the official said I forgot to attach photocopies of birth certificate for all next of kins. I protested that the item is not in the checklist provided by Amanah Saham Berhad. The official insisted the photocopy of birth certificate is a must.

Trip 3 in October 2011: Submit photocopies of birth certificate as required. Then the official asked me another question, do you want the dividends paid to a single recipient or all next of kins? I told him that I have mentioned the transfer is to a sole recipient. He explained nicely that I have to fill up another form and get all signatures from all next of kins for this purpose.

I told him my siblings are scattered all over the place, one in Singapore, one in JB, one in PJ, one in Melaka and myself in Chears KL. To get all signatures is a daunting task, which only can happen once a year during the Chinese New Year.

The official expects me to visit them for fourth time for such a simple transaction, may be fifth or more visits is needed if I tolerate and accept such a poor service as a norm like many other customers. Anyway I kept calm, without saying a single bad word even my temper was boiling in dealing with a third world counter service.

Ironically, they are IS09002 certified company with the customer satisfaction policy is their main goal as stated in the big banner hanging on the wall.

I was an ISO9000 Management Representative for a MNC and also provided ISO9000 consulting services to local companies never taught my clients that customer frequent visits to office is a type of customer satisfaction.

Why the staff in Amanah Raya Berhad cannot provide a complete checklist for their customers to follow instead of adding new requirement from time to time at their own pleasure?

The staff members in the counter are either poorly trained on proper procedure or just making fun with their customers.

I will lodge a complaint with the Public Complaint Bureau and Amanah HQ for this kind of customer dissatisfaction service besides writing to The Star to express my unhappiness.

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i hate amanah raya berhad ipoh's staff says:

Mereka pemalas padahal upah yg diambil sangat la tinggi. Apabila saya bertanya menegenai beberapa perkara menegenai perjalanan file saya,ada diantara mereka yang menyatakn “file cik saya dah hantar kekaunter hadapan.cik datanglah esok tengok sendiri”.apa punya perkhidmatan la amanah raya berhad ini.ada juga kadangkala mereka mninggikan suara apabila saya kurang jelas dengan penjelasan mereka yg samar2.. Perkara ini berlaku dikalangan pekerja amat tdak berpuas hati dengan layanan mereka.sepatutnya berpadanan dengan upah yg tinggi maka layanan kepada pelanggan haruslah berpadanan.jgnlah tunjukkan sikap “duit nak,tp keje malas”.

bugym says:

Stupid babi chinese. this is not related to BN or election lah fucker

nkkhoo says:

Lu cibai anjing tak tau Amanah Raya Berhad is a company under the Finance Minister, Najib.

KY Ong says:

Sopan Santun adalah budaya kita.

nkkhoo says:

The tragic is you treat bastard as your friend.

niceguy says:

The only thing wrong I can see is that the checklist is incomplete.

Sometimes, it pays to be illiterate and ask lots of questions at the Enquiry counter than being ‘too clever’ and rely on brochures, checklists, etc.

nkkhoo says:

The checklist was ticked by the official in front of customer, not printed one you get from the shelf. I know many people have to return for a few times, they are ok because they are illiterate and do not where to complain.

I believe you have to go back ten times if oral procedures are given.

They know nothing about their work except to collect “gali buta”.

Saiful K says:

Cannot call gaji buta as they can be mobilised easily for BN events, and to garanti undi!

Saiful K says:

Is the ‘checklist’ an ISO document?

If so, nkkhoo being an ISO auditor (assuming your certification is still valid) can demand to see that it is followed, or he can issue an NC.

nkkhoo says:

The external auditor has to be invited by them, you cannot simply go in to audit any organization. I play more on a consultant role, not as an external auditor.

Saiful K says:

As a consultant you wil therefore be well paid and not eligible for the RM500 goodies.

Saiful K says:

Ironically its slogan is ‘We Care’.

Suaramesra says:

You seem to have a lot of bad luck (from mouse to TM to Dana Johor).

Perhaps you should go to a local temple for some cleansing. Maybe wear some amulet to ward off those affliction.

nkkhoo says:

Malaysians are very tame stock, always keep silence for bad services and ill treatments from the government and companies.

That is nothing to do with bad luck.

gempak says:

Civil service job is iron (platinum) rice bowl.
Poor performers are still rewarded with increment.
With election coming, no incentive for them to serve customers better as increment is confirmed. Pakatan state government faced such problems in effort to improve efficiency and productivity, but problem is deep-rooted after years of BTN. Tidak apa attitude is prevalent in civil service.

Saiful K says:

The increment for civil servants in the budget annoucement which is not performace-based will continue to perpetuate the problem. Our leaders are dare not reprimand those poor performing civil servants for fear lof losing their votes. That’s why Little Napoleans is on the rise in civil service, with no due care to any SOP or ISO guidelines! All those high level KPI by Idris Jala will not work because performance of most of the kaki tangan (ya, tanpa otak) in civil service is not measured/nilai to justify their pay increment. Sigh!