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Best Nasi Lemak (for me) in Malaysia

This nasi lemak stall in my village was started by the present owner late father, and is my favorite breakfast dish since my childhood days. His nasi lemak is still the best nasi lemak I ever tasted, may be due to the nostalgic affection. 🙂

Unfortunately, the owner late father was a Malay racist who uttered same remark as PM Najib wanted to wipe out Chinese with the parang in 1969. More than 90% Chinese kampong old folks boycotted his stall since then and the boycott campaign is still going on even after his son took over the business 20 year ago.

His nasi lemak is said expensive by the kampong folks, but for people like me used to high living cost in the city don’t feel its price is too pricey. A plate of nasi lemak with squid plus a cup of “tek tarik” cost RM3 is still reasonable for me. Plus Highway R&R stall in Melaka charged me RM8.70 for a same dish.

His son and his wife operate a nasi lemak stall in the Melaka Sentral station if you wanna taste this kampung nasi lemak. I hope the food quality in Melaka is not deteriorated for cost down rationalization.

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Saiful K says:

BN should insist that KFC and McDonald’s provide 1malaysia set meal at not more than RM5 to benefit the rakyat. I think it can be achieved if they serve ais kosong instead of the unhelthy carbonated drinks.

nkkhoo says:

Do you want to consume junk food from these western outlets?

Saiful K says:

No. I am saying this because many local hawkers have benchmarked the food price with that of Western fast food. By doing so, the local hawkers will not have the excuse to increase price.

Anyway, most urban Malaysian are addicted to kfc and McDonald’s. That cannot be changed.

nkkhoo says:

More heart attacks and diabetes among the Malaysians are correlated with the junk food.

Dabangg of Muar says:

surprised you ever lived in penang yet don’t give credit to nasi kandar of mamak there ? I tried penang nasi kandar at pj but look forward to actual one when i am in penang.
i was about to ask you where h=the best nasi kandar in penang but now i shall try your recommendation.

nkkhoo says:

Nasi lemak and nasi kandar are two different dishes.

There is a famous Chinese nasi lemak stall in Melaka, near the old Great Wall Emporium.

Suaramesra says:

For every good nasi kandar/nasi lemak vendor, there are 10 racist ones.

You have 9 in 10 chance of promoting racism when you eat nasi lemak/nasi kandar.