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Garbage in, Garbage out ! The hard reality in the Malaysia civil service.

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan said, “What you put into something is what you will get out of it and as such, officers of calibre and high-performers will ensure a quality public service.”

This is the polite way for saying “garbage in, garbage out” analogy about Malaysia public service.

Tan Sri Sidek is probably the biggest garbage in the world if there is a worldwide measurement for civil service performance.

Look at the Amanah Raya Berhad, a privatized company under the MOF is good enough for you to see “garbage in, garbage out” quality is everywhere.

‘Exit policy’ needed to help clear deadwood in civil service


KUANTAN: There is a need to create a clear exit policy for civil servants who are problematic, indisciplined and underperforming so their services can be properly discontinued, said Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan.

In his speech before officially closing the 14th Public Service Commissions conference here yesterday, Sidek noted that the matter had been raised during the same conference held in 2007 but the implementation was still unsatisfactory.

“This aspect may need to be reviewed and its implementation beefed up.

“There is a need to find the best method to release’ problematic employees from continuing in the civil service,” he added.

However, Sidek said that any form of action taken should be transparent and fair to avoid injustice.

He also said effective human resource management was not one solely based on reward.

“Punishment must also be given emphasis especially to those who have committed offences and violated current regulations and laws.

“It must act as a deterrent to others so they will not do anything that will have an impact on their integrity and credibility,” he added.

Sidek also said recruitment must be made on merit, knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes.

This was because those hired now were the ones who would be responsible for charting the future of the nation’s civil service, he added.

“What you put into something is what you will get out of it and as such, officers of calibre and high-performers will ensure a quality public service.

“Selection must be stringent so those picked are the ones who will make us and the country proud,” he said.

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Jinjang says:

In Civil Service, you can perhaps buy a set of screw drivers for RM50 and make a claim of RM1000.

Even after you die, your family could still be receiving pension money.

nkkhoo says:

2% GDP is used to pay annual pension for civil servants.

Hasri says:

Civil servants are really hopeless with their attitude whwn serving customers.

niceguy says:

Najib touched on this in his budget speech last Friday.

“A flexible remuneration system will be introduced to retain or terminate civil servants… the New Civil Service Remuneration Scheme or SBPA as follows: First: Introduce an exit policy for underperforming civil servants and for those who opt to leave the service…”

We will wait and see… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Alfred says:

Cakap tak serupa bikin.

We all know that.

Saiful K says:

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan admitted today that civil servants have not been evaluated towards exercising an “exit” option for them.

“We do have (an evaluation process) except that in the past we were not really enforcing it,” he admitted to The Malaysian Insider after the 27th International Islamic University Malaysia Convocation.

Here is a great proof that in civil serive, you can have any ISO process and procedure, but no need to implement it. The boss himself has set a very bad example. PM Najib ust be brave enough to exercise ‘exit’ option on him if he wish to get my vote in the next election.

nkkhoo can recommend exit option for those poor civil servants in Dana Johor.

nkkhoo says:

These 1.2 million civil servants are UMNO voters, let forget about exit policy.

Just wait and see the ship is sinking like Greece if Malaysia is still under BN government.

Below is civil servant # per capita for a few countries in Asia.

Malaysia: 4.68%
Thailand: 2.06%
Indonesia: 1.79%
Singapore: 1.47%
South Korea: 1.85%

Saiful K says:

Basic kpi cannot be met, yet want to talk big about high level kpi and blue ocean strategy. Sigh!

Government expenditure will go up with the increent given to the civil servants, thus deficit will be on the rise.

MTUC is useless as it can demand for high salary but is silent on exit option for the deadwood.

gempak says:

YB (Katak Ibrahim) can literally sleep on the job.
That’s a reflection of our civil service.

Picture here (no GSP tagging, but surely in parliment)