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Melaka Cultural Event :: 3399 festival at Bukit Cina

The 3399 event held on last Sunday in Bukit Cina Melaka was solely supported by local Chinese community, and an exhibition on Melaka Chinese community’s past cultural festivals and trades is still going on till this Sunday (9 Oct 2011).

The expo venue is in a shoplot at Jalan Bukit Cina. (The road is opposite the Bukit Cina temple or King’s Well). Admission is free, let pay it a visit if you are visiting Melaka this weekend.

GPS: 2 11 47.7N, 102 15 14.4E

This cultural event was started in 2007 by Melaka Chinese community to commemorate 9th day in 9th lunar month, or “Double Yan”. The scale of festival is growing bigger year after year with a few thousands red shirt participants climb up the Bukit Cina to form a long red dragon along the trail to hilltop.

A several Chinese traditional arts and sports such as dragon and lion dance, chrysanthemum tea art, kite flying, Chinese traditional music, paper cutting art,  etc. were demonstrated and exhibited.

The festival serves another purpose that is to promote heritage preservation of Chinese graveyard in the Bukit Cina.

A number of forced acquisition attempts on 101 acres Bukit Cina by local government for urban development had been vehemently rejected by local Chinese community, most recent attempt was in 1987.

These kids are not real dancers, they are just playful on lion dance.

Event: 3399 Melaka

Date: 2 October 2011

Venue: Bukit Cina

Organizer website (in Chinese language only):

Bukit Cina commnunity art project exhibition

This exhibition is in ad-hoc basic and ends on 9 Oct 2011.

Bukit china ia lying quietly beside this serene community for almost time immemorial· They both witnessed the rising and falling of the Malacca Sultanate. the plunder by the Portuguese, Dutch, British and finally the brutal invasion by the Japanese. More than twelve thousand Chinese tombs and several other Malay tombs stood witness the struggle of her people in this community.

Despite having standing majestically for centuries as the resting place for our forefathers, Bukit China had narrowly escaped from bring leveled in the name of development. In the 80s of the last century. the infamous proposal to level it had instead brought new breath of life tn the once desolate graveyard, transforming it into a green lung of the city and a favourite jogging track for her folk!.

“Sha Shan jlu jiu, Ching Yang Deng or in Chinese “三山九九 重阳登高”, a cultural event which inspires to continue our forefather’ vision to preserve Bukit China, was started in 2007 and it had since successfully instill awareness among the general public about preservation of our cultural heritage and is now growing its root the nearby community, the Bukit China Community.

The Bukit China Community Art Project aims to collect oral history, old photographs and other artifacts from the community to be exhibited at the Folk Museum Cafe, to chart an interesting cultural map and to conduct various outings, sightseeing around the community as well as other community based talks in prder for for us to once again reminisce the charm of this old community.

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Loh Li Ling says:

Hi! My name is Li Ling and I am working at a production company called Sitting In Pictures in Singapore.
We are currently filming a TV documentary about Bukit Brown Cemetery, a cemetery here in Singapore.
I have a copy of the Bukit China Community Art Project’s cultural map.
Can I ask if you may have the contact to anyone in charge of the Bukit China Community?
Also, could I ask if I may use the material in our upcoming TV show?

Please put me in touch!
Li Ling

nkkhoo says:

Check out their contact at their blog.