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Chinese is a selfish race, maybe KL city dwellers are selfish as well.

A real story in Mainland China. They are pretending they don't see the woman who carries a kid...the seat is so important to these selfish people..!

Telekom technicians installed unify fiber line in my area two days ago. My telephone line went kaput, just want to know the line problem is isolated case or the whole shoplot row is affected.

Went checked with the next office, an unfriendly ugly office lady opened the door, and asked many non-sense questions like who am I, did I bring foreign workers, etc.

This was a bit shock because I was there a few years earlier than them and also know their boss. At last, I asked their phone line is working or not.

The ugly Chinese lady quickly answered their line cannot be used today. This ugly lady assumed I want to borrow their phone instead of telling their line is down or not after unify line installation.

Besides, a number of Chinese residents grab the public parking lots by putting some obstruction objects. A Chinese idiot even lock an iron bar on the parking lot.

This kind of selfishness and poor civil attitude is very common amongst the Chinese regardless they are highly educated or not.

As a Chinese, I have to say Chinese is a most selfish race in Malaysia. Chinese can never be united as one under the democracy system, only the dictatorship can unite Chinese with iron-fish.

Don’t believe me, go see how Chinese leaders in DAP and PKR are fighting like mad dogs for Johor constituency allocation.

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PMCPM says:

This is the truth from me an indian. Over my 40 years or so being malaysian, i have never found the chinese nice (do not want to use the word selfish – seems a bit crude! Why? This is what I observed about them :
if they are nice to you, it is because u have something they want to benefit from i.e. a higher inteliigence from them, better social standards, better than them in language skills so that they can benefit from u.

They come to your homes for festivites and weddings in large drones with servants attached because of food, but the same is never extended to these people from the chinese.

The way they stinge on food with maids at home and on outings (making maids eat leftovers or not offering food at all)

for their bluntness and cunning ways of trying to benefit in every situation at the expense of others.

But recently i had an opportunity to do a small business, where I would have benefitted if I had been nice to the chinese. I told myself that I was not going to bend backwards due to my business. Though I still meet many not so nice chinese, but I tell you now that there are a few truly gem of chinese people out there. They are very rare but when you find them, they lodge themselves in your memory for ever.

I hope to let the chinese know this.

nkkhoo says:

Another observation you miss out is a Chinese tends to bully another Chinese.

I think most people from all races only want to make friend with you if only they can benefit from the relationship with you.

I still nice to these people, but will treat them as secondary friends, a group who will never help you when you need help.

柔華 says:


cikgu81 says:

Selfishness couldn’t be associated to the chinese only. All races are dealing with the same adversity. Being a Malay I do have many sincere and good chinese friends especially from among the fellow educationists/teachers. Obviously education & exposure to varitype of cultures do help to instill good values in one’s self. This is from my own experience, most chinese teachers or even teachers from other racial background tend to be more open-minded due to extensive mixture & communication in our atmosphere. Thus we all should get to know each other rather than being reserved.

qinghua says:

Sometimes I do wonder if nkkhoo is another version of Ridhuan Tee.

Chinese must say united!

Please take this advice.

nkkhoo says:

Those cannot self-examined his/her own weaknesses will never a winner.

Saiful K says:

When you are ‘terdesak’, civic conciousness is evaporated. nkkhoo can testify to this when he got fed-up with Logitec, TMNut and Dana Johor. This is a naturl human behavior, regardless of race.

nkkhoo says:

No matter how you dislike some companies, you still have to maintain human basic integrity. Shouting, scolding and fxxing the staff will never solve the problem.

Dr. Deming says all problems are management problem, the CEO should be blamed, not the staff.

Namewee fxxx Tenaga did improve their service level?

niceguy says:

Saiful K,
I think I know what you meant as I often watched the Dog Whisperer.

Maybe his energy was high when he rang the door bell… he was still focus on the screwed up by Telecom.

A pretty face would have shifted his focus!

nkkhoo says:

99% of human conflict is due to misunderstanding from the wrong assumption and interpretation.

Making assumption without seeking clarification is dangerous.

niceguy says:

Agreed, same as steoreotyping an entire race based on an incident.

nkkhoo says:

Chinese selfishness is not an isolated incident, it was a subject widely debated in Taiwan and China.

niceguy says:

Next time ask a pretty girl. A pretty face has sweeter temper than ugly cow. LOL.

nkkhoo says:

Not really true. We only tolerate more for pretty girls, they are more selfish and arrogant than ugly girls.

Chinese pretty girls will not marry with Chinese poor guy, they will marry with anyone as long as the person is rich.

zeus says:

I think this selfishness is causes by China history and Malaysia political climate
-China history are full of riots,wars, starvation…so Chinese are more tendency to protect themselves in order to stay survive , rather than to concern about the civil attitude or human rights that kind of thing…
-In Malaysia, due to the BN unfair policy, i think almost all Chinese were taught to study hard so can earn many money when there are working. Under BN, Chinese feel like not belongs to this country and only money can make themselves feel being recognized. So maybe this lead to the selfishness behaviour in Malaysia Chinese.

And i’m not agreed with the statement that says Chinese can only be united under one dictatorship government. I already heard so many this kind
of theory from my China friends . I think this kind of theories are brain washed propaganda from China Communist Party to fools their people, in order can continue to stay in power.

nkkhoo says:

China has more civil wars in her history than any countries. This speaks volume by itself.

Most Malaysian Chinese are not learning right values from the religions and Confucianism. Many of them say their religion is Buddhism, they are not. I have to put Buddhism in my IC because no religion is not an option here.

Chinese temples do not serve as religion centers, many of them are used as business centers to make money from the followers.

My brother asked his 7-year old son to buy 4D for him. Do you expect my nephew sees gambling is a sin?

To say selfishness is Malaysian Chinese only problem is not true, Mainland, Singapore and Hong Kong Chinese are no exception.

Dabangg of Muar says:

Chinese need to be more gracious.
may be nkkhoo can instil confucious teaching in the blog ?

nkkhoo says:

Talking, learning, praying…but without preaching any good teaching is a hypocrisy.

I also observed these selfish Chinese praying Tua Pek Kong or other Chinese deities everyday for more wealth, not for good heart and behavior.

Some Chinese temples encourage their followers to bet 4D, this is one of the root causes for Chinese dilemma. And MCA endorsed 4D gambling as a Chinese culture. Najib is more happy to pollute Chinese students’ mind with sin money.

This may explain why other races always see Chinese is money face animal.

Also true for Christians and Muslims, prayer serves no purpose if their behavior is bad outside the Church and mosque.