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11-11-11 is an auspices day for Najib, GE13 is on the same day!

The school authorities are instructed to get ready for a special function on 11 November 2011.

Get ready on 11-11-11..

If PR can deny BN the 2/3 majority is already achievement.

My forecast is PR loses Selangor and Kedah, but PR still win in Penang and Kelantan with a simple majority only.

For Chinese, 11 is a bad number which is related to coffin. Let’s make 11-11-11 a black day for Najib.

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Hasri says:

Najib is going to Mecca to cleanse his sin before announcing the election.

But he may be forced out by the umno right wing fellows during his absence. Looks like DPM is plotting the coup.

Alfred says:

At RM230 billion, an increase from RM213 billion in 2011, government spending has continued to soar without taking into consideration the long term effect on the nation.

Moreover, much of the increment goes to the operating expenditure which rises from RM162 billion in 2011 to RM181 billion, while the development budget increased marginally to RM51.25 billion from RM51.18 billion in 2011.

How can Malaysians support a budget that increases the operating expenditure of the government?

Why the BN government do not lead the way in reducing expenditure?

Dabangg of Muar says:

any news if JB will be represented by S Samad again ?
next jb mp needs to wipe clean the sin nests around Ah Fook street; also those red light area around Sentosa.
Need to collaborate with Spore authoriies to absorb the kids born out of wedlock in JB’s sin areas !!!

Saiful K says:

I think it is ok for PKR to trade Kedah for Johor!

nkkhoo says:

Johor Malays are strong supporter of UMNO. No way PR can win in any suburban and rural areas.

Muhyiddin gets 70-90% Malay votes in Pagoh is good enough for him to win even 100% Chinese and Indian vote for PR.