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Another addressing syndrom, not the root cause KPI

Govt mulling separate lanes for pedestrians and m-cyclists is another knee-jerk action to solve street crime issue in the cities. Let do the brainstorming in the KPI lab first to find out the root cause(s) of snatch thievery crime.

The first question is who are the snatch thieves? The probably answer is the majority of them are drug addicts and jobless youth from local and foreign countries.

The second question is why they become snatch thieves? The logical answer is they need money for drug and food.

The third question is why they become drug addicts and jobless people? The likely answers are

– for drug addiction issue is the failure of family, religion, education and police institutions to inculcate good people and stop the influx of drugs.

– for jobless youth issue is the failure of government to provide training and decent jobs to local people. The presence of three millions foreign workers have pushed our low educated youth to the criminal trap.

The fourth question is how to prevent good people from turning into criminals? The sensible answer is let restore and enhance the right parental guidance and moral education in the family, school and society and provide job opportunity for the right people with right salary.

The fifth question is how to reduce snatch thievery crime? The workable answer is by reducing the number of drug addicts and jobless man on the street will reduce the snatch thief crime by itself.

Having separate lanes for pedestrians, more policemen on the street, more surveillance cameras, etc. all are designed to tackle the syndrome, not the root cause(s) of the snatch thievery crime.

The government and policy makers choose the easy path to meet the KPIs, not solving its root cause(s).

Govt mulling separate lanes for pedestrians and m-cyclists


PUTRAJAYA: The Government is looking into providing separate lanes for pedestrians and motorcyclists in towns and cities next year.

This is part of an effort to make towns and cities safer and reduce snatch theft risks, Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said.

He said efforts towards improving safety features in urban areas topped the ministry’s agenda for next year.

He added that the ministry’s National Key Results Area (NKRA) on crime reduction would be intensified to ensure it met the targets.

“Other initiatives include improving the safety alarm system and introducing computerised mapping using geographic information system, which will make police operation against crime more effective.

“The ministry’s NKRA division will fully utilise the RM249.85mil allocation to ensure the initiatives meet the targets,” he said yesterday.

National Registration Department (NRD) director-general Datin Jariah Mohd Said said the RM7.56mil allocation for its Special Mobile Unit would enable the department to cover a bigger area which was previously hampered by limited funds.

“The unit can now organise more activities to reach out to the people, particularly those in the remote and coastal areas.

“This will solve the problems of those who could not be present at the NRD office to submit applications for identification documents,” she said.

Jariah said the allocation would also enable the department to carry out its data updating job more accurately.

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Alfred says:

if we understand the root cause of the ‘rudeness’ of Namewee, then all is forgiven.

Hasri says:

Namewee is doing what mca has failed todo to Utusan.

Or maybe he is hired by mca to do this as one reader has suggested?

Anyway, good job by Namewee in his ground-breaking movie.

I don’t read utusan because I think Awang Selamat is a dangerous person racist thinking.

Alfred says:

Tun M always say that we must address root causes of any problem. Only doctors or engineers can think like that.

Apparently the current BN’s only target is to meet kpi that was not set to address root cause of social problems.