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Dabangg of Muar says:

don’t miss the present “junk” in MAS share.
It was as low as RM1.25 last week now climbing to RM1.41 today.
some fishy dealing going on btwn AirAsia-MAS swap deals.
my insider told me worth to get MAS as gomen can bail it out because of our pride.

Proton is at RM2.68 just now. My mca friend told me apanama guarantee it never go down as long as M clans are around. I am aiming when it’s at RM2.30 to go on board the junk.

don’t say i don’t tell u, nk

nkkhoo says:

I released my Proton shares at RM8 some time ago.

Just pray the old man does not see his creator if you wanna bet on Proton junk shares.

Hasri says:

Proton is selling its stakes in Lotus.
Not a good sign for Tun apanama.
My bet is Proton will eventually be bought up by a China company, not for buisness purpose but to tell the umnoputera not to mess with China and overseas Chinese.

Alfred says:

I do not admire Apple as the company has exploited low wage workers in China.

Not cool.

Many people think highly of Steve Jobs.
On his 2nd coming to Apple, he can launch cool products because Apple was financially strong for him to take the risk.

nkkhoo says:

He second return was made possible after Microsoft extended financial helps. Apple share was less than USD3 in 1995, I missed the boat for not purchasing the junk shares.

Dabangg of Muar says:

i heard from grapevines that part of Apple production of Foxconn may be moved to Senai as part of Iskandar deal.
Johoreans will catch apple fever ?

nkkhoo says:

Foxconn Johor is for HP cartridge production.