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PAS is asking for humiliation by changing its Chinese name to 伊斯兰党

In Chinese language used by Malaysian Chinese, “回教” is often used for Islam unlike in the Mainland China where “伊斯兰教” was used after 50s.

“回教” is absolutely a correct term for Islam in the Chinese language, somehow those Chinese illiterate idiots in the PAS HQ advised the party to change its Chinese name to “伊斯兰党”.

Islamic Party now is also known as “伊斯兰教党”, it will be a disaster when the name is pronounced in Hokkian dialect. The new meaning literally is “It is a pennis party” [er-see-lanchau-tung].

This unthoughtful change of name is repeating a blunder in a Nissan car named Blue Bird, its Chinese translated name is “蓝鸟”. Since Hokkian is the main clan, and its dialect for blue bird is very closed to pennis.

A mangarine brand name, “Planta” is also sound funny when it was pronounced in Hokkian dialect by old folks. My old mum always pronounced it to “Pei Lam Pah”. (Literally the meaning can be “scratch the male private part” or “the white color male private part”).

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qinghua says:

Whatever it is called, PAS is still a better alternative for Chinese as we are tired of the corrupted and racist Umno.

Give me PAS anytime, hudud or no hudud is no issue.