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As seen in the Star :: Address the root cause of the problem

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Dabangg of Muar says:

should write the letter to The Sun – more readership than The Star right now.
anyway, you have proven that many of our btn-trained admistrators are afraid to confront the truth and like to window dressing issues or sweep them under carpet bcoz rakyat mudah lupa (to quote from M)

nkkhoo says:

The Sun chief editor banned my email if I criticized him of promoting gambling for Vincent Tan and The Sun is a junk paper.

Why should I deal with such a narrow-minded idiot who cannot be criticized (not fxxxing)?

The Star is still number one English papers in circulation with about 300,000 copies sold. Besides, the star online readership is more than 300,000 per day.

In total, at least a million readership in the Star offline and online papers

Saiful K says:

Star is now recycling old news.

I have stopped buying Star for one year.
Only MCA flers like to read Star as it reflect the view of its master.

So if there is anything interesting and worthy of my attention, nkkhoo plese highlight it in your blog. Thanks.

nkkhoo says:

I only read its online version for its news only. Ignore The Star says and other opinion sections.

Saiful K says:

Yes. The opinion on The Star is so one-sided, especially its editor who is eyeing Tan Sri title.