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UMNO goons are coward when Malaysia was bullied and insulted by Indonesians

UMNO and Perkasa goons will run amok if there is such burning Malaysian flags demonstration in other countries especially in Singapore.

I do not mind to join Perkasa for anti-Indonesia demonstration in front of Indonesia embassy if Perkasa got ball to tell Indonesians that do not play fire.

What Malaysia can do? They are many ways to teach these Indonesians a lesson.

Send home all illegal Indonesian immigrants will make Indonesians’ headaches, these millions jobless Indons will be a time bomb to their government.

Besides, stop to import Indonesian maids is another option, Mynmmar can supply abundant of maids with much cheaper salary.

No border conflict with Malaysia: Indonesia

The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network
Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011

INDONESIA – Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa has denied allegations that Indonesia is involved in a border conflict with neighboring country Malaysia.

Speculation may have occurred as a result of a misunderstanding over some basic terms regarding the two countries’ borders, Marty said Monday.

“Until now, we have not been involved in a border dispute with the Malaysian government. In regards to news that keeps mentioning there has been one-sided claim to Indonesia’s Tanjung Datu and Camar Bulan village, I must say that this is not true,” he said.

However, the foreign minister also acknowledged that there were several border marker stones that could not be found, for natural reasons, which could have sparked premature claiming speculation.

Marty then gave an example of a marker stone that used to be located in the northern part of Tanjung Datu and was now located below the surface of the water because of coastal abrasion.

“We are fully aware of the situation and we have been working on it,” he said.

A team comprising border experts had been deployed to fix the situation, Marty said.

The Indonesian public has been once again raising eyebrows in regards to its northern neighbor over news mentioning that Malaysia had one-sidedly claimed two territories belonging to Indonesia, the Tanjung Datu and Camar Bulan, both situated on the border between the two countries in Kalimantan/Borneo.

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Mashita says:

The malays look up to Indons as their heroes to worship.

That’s why Astro is making money to feed Indon entertainment to the malays via its Indon Pek.

Rais should be worried but he is not – malaysian movies/music are restricted in Indonesia as the Indons want to protect their home market.

Saiful K says:

Ibrahim Ali is not talking about Melayu perkasa when they are being perkosa? Ha Ha!

Why suddently all those NGOs are so quiet?
They naik angin when you say Johor is crime infested.
But they are so scared of the Indons…
Maybe our askar also kow tow to Indons? possibly so.

They are all buli kampung!

Manivannan Letchumanan says:

i will not follow you or anybody or organisation to go to the Indonesian Embassy to burn the Indonesian flag or to protest. We definitely have to consider the plight of all the Malaysian students who are presently studying in Indonesia.

Whatever we do it should be at their expense, as it is they have bee nadviced not to be provokated and to always travel in groups. So lets not add salt to wound and make the matter worst.

Think about our Malaysian students who are studying there and think of their safety. Finally if they want to burn the malaysian flag that does not eman we have to reciprocate i nthe same manner.

I sincerely hope that more tolerance and patience is administered in situations like this. It is easy to say why is it we can protest at the emabassies of other countries and not here. We have to look at the scenerio and our main priority is the malaysian students in Indonesia.

This is not about UMNO or Perkasa this is about malaysia and the malaysian students in Indonesia. Have a heart and think about them.

nkkhoo says:

You worry these thugs holding Malaysian students for ransom?

Our national integrity is more important than the safety of these students, take them home if BN government is a responsible government for not risking their lives to the hands of Indon thugs again and again.

Dabangg of Muar says:

UMNO said Indons are serumpum punya abang adik so projek m welcomed (or welcomes still ?) them with open arms so that Msia population can hit 70 million !

so don’t expect konflict but minot konfrontasi wayang wayang saja