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Do you know Bolehland was coined by who? By a Malaysia hero, late MGG Pillai

This word “Bolehland” first appeared in USENET on 24 April 1997 in a posting, “Is City Hall anti-national in calling for fewer parking bays?” by late MGG Pillai.…st&q=bolehland#

I first came to know MGG Pillai in Usenet around August 1997 when I back to Malaysia to attend my dad’s funeral. Although I have never met him face to face, but we are in the same gang to counter Mahathir’s “Malaysia Boleh” mis-informed campaign. I quit usenet in 2000 and only noticed he was passed away in 2006 from the Star.

Sad to miss MGG Pillai forever. God blessing you! You have left a legacy “Bolehland” for our future cyber generations.

A screen shot is posted here.

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Mshita says:

Circulation and sales of NST has continued to plummet as its news coverage (since the Najib became PM) has been largely anti-Opposition..

According to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation statistics.
fewer than 70,000 copies of the newspaper are sold daily, compared to its rival The Star, which sells 247,000 copies on average, as readers are turning to internet/blogs for news feed.

NST is losing readership as it has assumed the tone of pro-Umno blogs, taking direction from bloggers financed by factions in the ruling party to attack political rivals.

Unverified stories that appear on Internet blogs have found their way onto the pages of the newspaper on a regular basis in much the same way that Umno’s Malay daily Utusan Malaysia has operated since Najib came to power.

Dabangg of Muar says:

is Pillai related to Anil Netto ?

nkkhoo says:

I think no.