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Suggestion :: Only household income of more than RM20,000 is allowed to hire maids

Malaysians especially the Chinese families hire maid not for necessity, but most of the time is to show off they are rich like other neighbors.

My parent generations have five to ten kids was very common and no maid was needed to bring up big families.

Today’s youngsters upbringing matters are no more handled by the parents, they outsource the godsend duty to foreign maids and TV stations. No wonder Malaysian youngsters call Namewee’s rudeness and racism is a cool thing.

It’s better not to have children at all due to the laziness and irresponsibility attitude if people refuse to take care and bring up children by themselves.

Let change the maid hiring policy, only those families with household income of more than RM20,000 per month is allowed to hire foreign maids.

Besides the minimum salary requirement should be imposed, the potential employers have to be interviewed and gone through background check before they are allowed to hire maids.

There is NO in-site spot check by the government department to ensure the welfare of the maids is safeguarded. This mechanism has to be built in if Malaysia does not want to be alleged as the number one human rights abuser.

Malaysia Today is an international pariah with Indonesia and Cambodia decided to ban their people to work in Malaysia as domestic maids because of a few bad apples. Probably there are hundred unreported and hidden cases for each abuse case reported in the news.

Cambodia bans citizens from working as maids in Malaysia

PHNOM PENH — Cambodia has banned its citizens from going to work in Malaysia as maids, its prime minister said on Friday, following a series of horrific reports of beatings and rapes.

The order follows a similar ban imposed by Indonesia on its citizens from taking new jobs as domestic workers in Malaysia, where maids are common in middle-class households, thanks in part to a large migrant labor pool.

“I would like to congratulate the prime minister for the suspension,” Cambodia opposition lawmaker Mu Sochua of the Sam Rainsy Party told Reuters after the decision by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Cambodia’s Community Legal Education Center, which is working with abused domestic workers, said there had been reports of three maids who were killed in Malaysia, and two were raped and kept in isolation, their passports held from them.

Indonesia banned its citizens from working as maids in Malaysia in 2009 after several highly publicized cases of physical abuse by Malaysian employers, which triggered anti-Malaysia demonstrations in Jakarta.

Both countries held discussions and reached an agreement in April this year after Malaysia pledged to improve working conditions, but Indonesia has yet to allow hiring to resume, worsening a growing shortage of domestic helpers in the country.

Malaysia is dependent on migrant workers who total up to 2 million people or 21 percent of the country’s workforce. Indonesia is the main source of foreign labor in Malaysia. One in every 16 residents in Malaysia’s capital hires an Indonesian helper, according to data from the Indonesian Embassy.

An Bunhak, president of the Association of Cambodian Recruiting Agencies, said it would uphold the order from the government to stop sending people to work as maids in Malaysia.

“The Ministry of Labour is enforcing what the prime minister has said,” An Bunhak said, adding that about 50,000 maids have sought work in Malaysia since 2009.

Cambodian recruitment agencies also this year decided not to send maids to Kuwait after complaints by human rights groups of abuse by employers there. — Reuters

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Mashita says:

The maids hired are later used to run sundrey shops, kopitiam …
Some end up as GROs….