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I had started consuming oats since two years ago for its zero cholesterol content. I’m not expecting to live longer but be healthy is more important. No all cholesterols are bad to our health, our body still need a certain amount of cholesterols for cell membrane growth.

The new recipe I invented is cooked oats and porridge with fresh milk. Pour in fresh milk after the oats is fully cooked and keep it boiling for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you wanna change your diet, I suggest you buy the cheaper oats from the Giant or Econ supermarket with just a half of price compared to branded oats as mentioned below.

Eating more bananas will also reduce emotional stress and depression.

A bad habit I still cannot get rid of is lack of routine exercise, a critical component for maintaining good health in the long run.

Top winners reduce cholesterol levels after eating oats for a month

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THE grand prize winner in the Quaker Oats Smart Heart Challenge 2011, Normala Nordin, not only managed to reduce her cholesterol by 32.89%, she also ended up RM7,000 richer — thanks to the prize money.

“This challenge has changed not only my life but also that of my family members too. All of us have benefited from the programme,” she said after receiving her prize from PepsiCo (Malaysia) general manager Edwin Africa recently.

According to the company, in just 30 days, a staggering 73% of people from all over Malaysia managed to reduce their total cholesterol levels.

This year, the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge achieved an even wider reach by using the Internet to enable more participants to join in, nationwide.

Top five winners: (From left) Soo Swee Kiong (lowered his cholesterol level by 21.88%), Normala, Ahmad Tarmizee and Nurhanie Ramli (lowered her cholesterol level by 25.29%) with their mock cheques. Africa is standing third from left.

Africa said the participants made the contest worthwhile due to their magnificent success stories. The event was also Quaker’s way of commemorating World Heart Day, which falls on Sept 29 annually.

The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge Programme is just one of Quaker’s efforts to tackle the rising incidence of heart disease in Malaysia, which has been the number one killer in the nation for the past three decades.

The challenge required participants to consume 70gm of Quaker oats for 30 days, coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle to experience the changes.

“The first week of the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge was an uphill battle. I was used to having nasi lemak for breakfast and frequent unhealthy suppers. All that had to make way for two bowls of Quaker oats daily!” said Chua Yew Han, one of the top winners, who managed to lower his cholesterol levels by an impressive 21.88%.

Participants were required to fill up a daily log online with details of what they had consumed throughout the day and also their physical activity.

The logs were then monitored by qualified professionals who provided feedback to the participants on a daily basis to assist them in steering their diet and lifestyle towards a heart-healthier one.

Third prize winner Ahmad Tarmizee: “Without the push and encouragement from the experts, I would not have completed the Quaker Smart Heart Challenge so easily.”

Tarmizee managed to lower his cholesterol by an astounding 23.88%.

Speaking at the ceremony, Africa stressed that heart disease was largely preventable by merely making simple lifestyle and dietary changes. Essentially, one has to help oneself and not wait passively till heart disease strikes.

Many people also tend to neglect their heart health, thinking that heart disease only afflicts the elderly. In reality, young people should start paying attention to this vital organ before it is too late.

“It requires only a few simple tweaks to diet and lifestyle, and together we can make this change to battle this number one killer,” Africa added.

The ceremony also saw local TV celebrities Amy Mastura, Owen Yap, Fahrin Ahmad and Liew Li Li present to share their stories and to entertain the crowd.

The sciences behind oats was enhanced when the US Food and Drug Administration backed the health claim that diets high in oatmeal or oat bran and low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Larry says:

I suppose if Kedai 1Malaysia were to have its own brand of Oats, it will not likely to have such benefits.

I lost my confidence on Kedai 1Malaysia food products as some of them are sub-standard and did not meet the basic food standard. For example, its oyster sauce has only 0.6% protein, below the min 1.6% as required by Food Regulations Act 1985.
(no report on English or malay press)

nkkhoo says:

The food in Malaysia generally are sub-standard, not just limited to 1Kedai.

Gambit says:

Most malaysians will still stick to nasi lemak (not the 2.0 one) for breakfast despite the threat of cholesterol from the coconut milk and the fried chicken.

Just imagine 3 meals of nasi lemak a day.
Arteries must be clogged with fatty cells.
No wonder sakit jantung is on the rise.
Even free 1malaysia clinic cannot help you when the attack comes.

Dabangg of Muar says:

I agree with you that some generic brands are as good as branded ones because the latter hike the prices to cover the commercials on Tv and print ads on newspapers.

however, nowadays generic brand biz will be controlled by MyDin 1Malaysia brand. And soon Mydin will overtake Tesco, Giant, Carrefour as the premium shopping destinations – thks to UMNO’s monopolistic command of food chain supply targetting cost conscious people !

Mashita says:

Mydin to produce 1malaysia oats?
It has to be sweetened one to meet citarasa melayu.

nkkhoo says:

Add sugar yourself. I know Malays like to eat a lot of sugar, but that is not good for health.