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The son of VVIP involved in molestation? Yes, confirm!

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David says:

That’s Datuk K (Siti nurhaliza’s husband)son. He is the founder of The ZON but not politician 🙂

Ali Setan says:

This LGE’s son fiasco by BN is to divert the attention of the rakyat of the then missing AG’s report.

If the AG’s report was to be delivered before the Budget and without being delayed (for almost three weeks) by Putrajaya, then it will have more credibility, but, now?

Credibility of AG Report is seriously missing!

Still trust BN?

Dabangg of Muar says:

Besides TV3’s Melody, can be popular reporting in Fuuuh ! of TV3 as well.
Also Siasat of NTV7.
Or Aduan Rakyat of TV3 8pm news ?

Gambit says:

Well if this is what these politicians are all about, busy attacking children rather than working for the country, surely we Malaysian know well enough whether we want to vote for them.

Malaysian, is this the kind of leader we want?

胡新平 says:

KJ has dug a grave for himself in this episode, and Mukhriz will give him the batu nisan and snatch the Umno Youth chief post in the coming Umno assembly.

aznil says:

nkkhoo can forward this story to TV3’s Melody program.

nkkhoo says:

The message to UMNO running dogs is don’t play dirty game. Your sons are more tainted than LGE’s son.

Daniel says:

How do you know that the VVIP is an Umno guy?

nkkhoo says:

I said nothing about who is in the picture.

Makan cili rasa pedas.

Gambit says:

Who is that VVIP?

No proof better don’t show picture, else you will be sued.
Rais Yatim has set a precedence.

nkkhoo says:

No name is mentioned unless the son of VVIP come forward to claim he is the one.

Dabangg of Muar says:

try to figure out which minister’s son, any hint ???
can be any mat rempit with syiok sendiri handphone pics for twitting.