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Why Malaysia government cannot build public housing?

Both BN and PR governments are talking cock for past three and a half years, they are all too busy in bickering and gutter politics. There is not a single concrete plan from both BN and PR governments on how to help average Malaysians own a comfortable house.

Subsidize first house with the taxpayers’ money is not an option as what 1Malaysia house project in Putrajaya.

The right approach is our governments take the responsibility to build public housing under a world-class public body like HDB in Singapore.

Outsourcing the good governance duty to private companies will never work up, private housing developers only concern is profit maximization, the welfare of rakyat is never in their minds.

Why they care for your welfare if they do not need your vote in the election?

Get the right management team to run the public company unlike the present GLCs operated by UMNO monkeys. Proper maintenance of flats is a MUST do thing if Malaysian governments want to see more people choosing high-rise building than landed property.

With the profit rationalization to 10-15% and using modular housing technique, the price for low and medium cost housing can be reduced by 50% easily.

Singapore prepared to build 100,000 flats to meet demand

Singapore has the resources to build “more than 100,000” public residential flats in the next five years to meet demand and stabilise prices, the country’s top housing official said Wednesday.

The remarks by National Development minister Khaw Boon Wan came amid complaints from citizens about runaway housing prices, a major issue in parliamentary and presidential elections this year that saw the ruling party lose significant popular support.

Speaking in parliament, Khaw said his ministry was building 50,000 public housing units — called housing development board (HDB) flats — by 2015 to alleviate “an imbalance in housing supply and demand”.

But he added that his ministry could potentially supply over 100,000 units in the next five years if demand remained high.

“If demand remains strong, we have the resources and the capacity to build more than 100,000 HDB flats during this term of (the current) government,” he said in parliament.

The current government, headed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, was elected for a six-year term that ends in 2016.

He said measures introduced to cool down the property market have stabilised public housing prices in the past few months.

He also assured that middle income newlywed couples and low-income households will be given priority to own homes.

“I am confident that we can address the temporary problem of supply-demand imbalance, with clear improvements for the newlyweds and the vulnerable families within two years,” he said.

In the May polls, the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) lost an unprecedented six seats out of the 87 at stake and its share of the vote fell to an all-time low of 60 percent from nearly 67 percent in the previous election in 2006.

In presidential elections that followed in August, the PAP’s de facto candidate won by a slim margin over his three opponents who were all critical of government policies.

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Michiko says:

It looks like another similar case like the NFC is brewing in the imminent future. Raja Nong Chick is abusing epf fund for DBKL housng project?

Please let’s start as petition to stop this nonsense as these are your and my hard earned monies being EPF stakeholders. KL City Hall seems to be very keen to pass the buck to us as they knew it is near impossible to collect back the monies owing by these defaulters. Once a defauter what makes this Nong Chick guy thinks these defaulters will make good their payment since it is EPF monies. We smell a rat in this game plan of theirs to whack our hard earned EPF monies. No way we can allow this to happen.

Ali Setan says:

If government were to build public housing, then the AG Report would have been twice as thick with more examples of how money is squandered (likely via ali-baba methodology), ending up with Pr1ma housing of inferior material and shoddy workmanship.

Tell me which country has ministries (eg. Giatmara of MARA) that paid 5-20 times market price for basic things like oven (RM1200 instead of RM419), blender (RM140 instead of RM60)…

nkkhoo says:

A corrupt BN government screws up everything.

giatmarah says:

Malaysia-launched satellite RAZAK SAT went kaput in less than one year.

Another Boleh feat!

Opah says:

UiTM also wasted millions of ringgit on equipment purchase but not utilised. Hint of corruption.

Dabangg of Muar says:

Cronism or nepotism as long as 99% benefits go the rakyat; and the priviledged few just enjoyeed 1% benefits then acceptable.

however rakyat yang bersembang believe otherwise hence regime najib will not last long …..

Gambit says:

Do you want to see collapsed flats like that stadium in Trengganu when ali-baba style of outsourcing by BN will mean shoddy workmanship that compromising safety?

nkkhoo says:

I ask LGE to learn HDB model where true CAT is applied, not the BN alibaba model. There is only one problem in HDB, all HDB agreements were handled by a law firm owned LKY’s wife.

Gambit says:

Nothing wrong if that law firm is corruption-free and efficient.

nkkhoo says:

That is nothing wrong? This is another illegal monopoly and deprive other law firms from doing business with the HDB.

You are living under BN corrupt system for too long to be brainwashed cronysm is nothing wrong.

争气 says:

perhaps you can tell us which politician that does not practise nepotism.

nkkhoo says:

LKY is not a saint, he finally accepted and realized the appointment of his second son and daughter-in-law was a gross mistake.

Agree, no one is perfect. LKY is doing 99% good thing and 1% bad thing which is acceptable if that 1% bad thing is nepotism to his family members. (A typical Chinese will do the same).

Daryl says:

Nine ministries or departments had overspent their operating allocation for last year by a total of RM3.73bil, the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 said.

What more can you expect from BN?
Leading us to Greece!

Ali Setan says:

According to the latest AG report, about 805 of the rurarl clinics which were supposed to have been built by April 2009 are yet to be completed despite the government giving the contractors a time extension.

The six companies, awarded contracts worth RM92.04 million, had only managed to complete 19 out of the 87 clinics as of December 2010.

How do you expect governemnt to build public housing whn they cannot meet this KPI?

Manja says:

Stadium runtuh tapi tak ada report?

Apakah root cause?

nkkhoo says:

UMNO Ahmad got a fat contract and earns 5% commission, then Ahmad passes down it to MCA Ah Chong, aother 5% is cut, then Ah Chong passes it to a main contractor MCA Ah Keong, another 10% is cut. Ah Keong passes it down to second contractor, Ah Wah, another 15% is cut.

By the time the project reaches the hand of second or third contractors, 30-40% budget already steal by the Alibaba chain.

The second and third subcontractors have to cut corner to make thin margin.

Daryl says:

That’s why the full report and the truth on the stadium collapse will never see the day!

Wonder how those ali-baba contractors can sleep in peace.

nkkhoo says:

Second and third subcontractors are victims too.