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Why do you do if a restrautant or food stall is having bad service?

I neither scold them nor teach them what to do in satisfying regular and new customers.

I usually continue to order the food or drink, but leaving half way when the food is prepared in the kitchen WITHOUT canceling the order and make payment. After that, will never step into the shop or restaurant again.

I will reply I do not order any food or drink if they dare to stop me. Also will challenge them to sue me.
So far, no one stops me especially in the crowded hawker center.

This is to make the shop owner has extra cooked and unsold food and suffered some losses as the price of bad customer service.

I just boycott a Malay restaurant where I visited for years after they hired a few Burmese and Indonesian workers who are very terrible in service. The new staff do not bother to ask customers, and expecting customer to call them. Worst still is they always forget what food you order.

I do not bother to complain to the boss because I do not get paid to do so. The restaurant is losing more than RM3000 revenue in a year because I spend at least RM10 a day in the shop.

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giatmarah says:

Menu rakyat is all publicity stunt.
The mamak stalls benefited although their service still sucks.

Manja says:

1malaysia service coutersy of 6P program.

Zamri says:

Wah Lao Eh!

Pay the 1Malaysia price for a mamak meal and expect good service?

Get real please.