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Play up religion sensitive issue is dangarous, nothing is peaceful as suggested by Najib!

“The gathering yesterday was peaceful and under control, no one felt threatened or unsafe. – Najib

Bersih rally was a peaceful one, the violence was from the police.

Many non-Muslims feel such rally is aimless except to find an imaginary enemy by Malay right wing fanatics.

The constitution only stipulated that a Malay in Malaysia must be a Muslim and practice Malay customs. There is no provision to ban a Malay to be a non-Muslim like the Malay Filipino from the Philippines.

A Malay or a Muslim in Malaysia is legally right to be a non-Muslim if he or she decided to be non-Malay and non-bumi.

Stop a Muslim like Chinese Muslim to relinquish Islam is unconstitutional and against the UN human right charter.

Himpun Is An Example Of An Assembly Desired By Government – Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Gathering of One Million Muslims (Himpun) aimed at preserving the faiths of Muslims yesterday is an example of a peaceful assembly desired by the government.

The Prime Minister said the gathering held in Shah Alam was in stark contrast to the chaos that occurred during the Bersih 2.0 gathering held in July.

“The gathering yesterday was peaceful and under control, no one felt threatened or unsafe.

“That was what the government wanted when we offered the stadium for Bersih 2.0 to hold their gathering,” he told reporters after attending a gathering with Police retirees and ex-policemen at the Putra World Trade Centre, here Sunday.

Najib said the peaceful gathering also reflected the government’s aspiration in amending Section 27 of the Police Act to allow peaceful assemblies to be held.

“We will study what happened yesterday and look at the norms in the other countries. The Inspector-General of Police and the Home Ministry are looking into the matter and we will formulate what is best, one that suits the practice of a country that adopts a modern and progressive democracy,” Najib said.

He said this was necessary to achieve a balance between human rights and public interests in terms of peace and public order.

Commenting on a resolution presented by the gathering to seek for the formulation of a special law to prevent apostasy and Muslims denouncing their faith in the country, Najib said that matters concerning religion were under the jurisdiction of the state government.

“I believe if the act is necessary, the state would study the demand and take appropriate measures,” he said.

The demand was among the 10 resolutions passed by the gathering, besides ensuring concrete preventive laws to protect the sanctity of Islam in the Constitution.

On the suspension of International Islamic University law lecturer prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari from duty, Najib said there was a public misperception on the action taken by the university against its lecturer.

“It does not involve disciplinary action yet, only an investigation to find out what he had meant…don’t pre-empt,” Najib said.


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Manja says:

Nowadays, people using religion and beliefs to protect personal interest. Imagine if Malays are allowed to convert to other religion. The grassroot support for PAS and UMNO will diminish. Plus the role of Sultans as guradian of religion will be questioned.

These are the people who are against any changes to apostasy laws with regards to malays/muslims. Opposition leader like Anwar is not the type of person who will raise such issues. But I am glad to note that KITA boss, Zaid Ibrahim has given his opinion in a positive light in terms of liberty and freedom from being suppressed and oppressed just for being a malay/muslim. We must have more such leaders who speak up for the rights of those who wish to be different by hurting nobody (physically) by doing so.

Masri says:

Ani Zonneveld is a 49-year-old Malaysian-born singer-songwriter. She co-founded Muslims for Progressive Values in 2007 based on 10 principles, include a commitment to equality of genders and for LGBTQ (or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) people, repudiation of militarism and violence and the need for “critical engagement with Islamic scripture.”

Read more here:

Alfred says:

The hypocrisy in Malaysia is that a young lady was jailed/caned for drinking a beer, while the son of one of its leading figures has somehow come by with billions to invest in a whole beer-producing industry in Indonesia!

Yahya says:

Rahim Noor has just added another bogeyman to scare the malays (who no longer believe komunis is a threat) – human rights. His speech was immediately given endorsement by his former boss Tun M, who warned that “Opposition politicians are using human rights issues for their political benefit”.
We know the Tok Dalang who is afraid to suffer the fate of Gadafi (kena liwat with a gun handle before being shot to death).

giatmarah says:

Himpun should focus on the sin of corruption as seen on the A-G Report.

Ali Setan says:

Ridhuan Tee has suggested that the hudud should have been forced on non-Muslims after the 1969 racial riots.

What say you nkkhoo?

nkkhoo says:

He should stay in Sri Lanka to see first hand the civil war.

Not just his small brother was potong, his brain also got potong when he converted to Islam.

He has to condemn non-Mulsims harder to get faster promotion.

Opah says:

Ridhuan Tee has made the religion look stupid look like him.

Yahya says:

Rihuan Tee already sesat. He anyhow preach Islam.
JAKIM must revoke his lesen!

Surah Al Baqarah states that:
“There is no compulsion in religion. Certainly, right has become clearly distinct from wrong.”

And this is reaffirmed in Surah Al Ghashiyya:
“(Muhammad), preach, you are only a preacher. You do not have full control over them.”

And again in Surah Qaf:
“We know best what they say and you (Muhammad) cannot compel them. Remind, by way of the Quran, those who have fear of My warnings.”

Ali Setan says:

Umno-made law has somehow become God’s law.