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The auditor-general is reported to Agong and the outcomes of report only can be released by the parliament after the consent of the king, but PM Najib has hijacked the audit report and held it for weeks.

Perkasa who claim they are protectors of royal institute, but this kind of public insults by UMNO against our king is never bothered by Ibrahim Ali.

The crux of story is Perkasa is not protecting the integrity of royal institute, but its own master, UMNO.

There are no correction and preventive actions in the audit report and no mention on what legal actions have been taken against those responsible officials for fraudulent and misused of public funds.

For federal level,

For state level,

For statutory body,

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Jinjang says:

National Sports Institute acquired 23 horses for RM5.66 million, with 18 not fit for the sports.

Since when a horse event becomes a premier sports in Malaysia? Maybe the horses can be used for Najib’s carriage to save petrol, assuming they have not been used as Tiger’s meal in Zoo Negara?

RM5.66 million could have been used to buy every school boy a football boots each!

Alfred says:

RM2.57 million was paid to some 1000 dead pensioners between 2007 and 2010 according to AG report.

RM2.09 million was overpaid to 339 living retirees and pensioners due to loose internal regulations and monitoring.

Civil servants have it so good even after they have retired or kick the bucket.

Another sign that Malaysia is heading the bankrupt direction of Greece!

Yahya says:

I almost puke watching how Buletin Utama shamelessly blasted Penang, Kelantan and Selangor for inefficiency in handling its finance and economy based on the Auditor-General Report 2011.

Are they reading the same report or they just pick and choose what to highlight? Pure bollocks! Everyone knows how BN-controlled States spent and splurged until their deficit surges skyhigh, probably trying to compete with US financial crisis in terms of who is better and faster at killing off their own economy. But as usual, nothing was mentioned in the mainstream media. NOTHING.

Dabangg of Muar says:

My Penang friend just called me. He attended the state Deepavali open house (nasi kandar !) today.
Guan Eng in his sppech mentioned Penang government has successfully trim state deficit/debt from RM630 miillion(before 308) to just RM30 million now !
It shows all these year BN has cheated on taxpayers. They may give RM100 handouts for evey RM100K they keep ?
I am very sick knowing our Johor has a lot of explaination to the people. Muar’s infrastructure need upgrading and money don’t seem to come unless ther’s a by-election ?

It’s about time to send nkkhoo to parliment ?!

giatmarah says:

nkkhoo should stand as an independent candidate.
He will provide a good check and balance for the dacing of bn that is lopsided to suit only one race.

nkkhoo says:

You lose your independence when you join any political party.

Ken says:

If you read BN-controlled press you will not get the real picture of how public fund has been wasted while the deficit is increased under BN. Unfortunately Umno has made malays cannot understand English so that they are continued to be misled by the report of Utusan, RTM and TV3.

Opah says:

that’s why right-thinking malays want at least PPSMI so that their children do not have to depend on Utusan, RTM and TV3 for news.

nkkhoo says:

The audit reports are all in bahasa, nothing to do with PPSMI.

Ali Setan says:

Audit reports in Bahasa but rural malays got no access to the published reports. What Opah meant was the reports are not carried in details by BN media. The critics on alternative media on the issue are written in English or Mandarin (my Chinese friend said Chinese newspapers had extensive coverage on the mismanagement of public fund per AG report) so the rural malays do not get the full facts.

nkkhoo says:

Most people in the rural can access internet to read alternative news in BM. The issue is our people spend more time on games and adult sites than media news.

Ali Setan says:

According to the 2010 AG’S Report, a total of 44 PDRM projects were stalled and 11 were stopped due to several reasons including cost increases and sudden changes in the projects’ scope. The government had to bear the cost of more than RM80 million!

Satu lagi strategi lautan biru BN untuk membazir wang rakyat.

Alfred says:

Recent A-G finding has shown that Debt have rose 12.3% to Rm407.11 billion in 2010 from Rm362.3 billion.

So how much more is the debt going to increase next???

GLC are using their allocation for shopping spree buying things for 2 to 3 times the market value through the finding of A-G.

Ali Setan says:

Year after year, AP reports show that the majority of BN Government ministries overspent beyond budget, bought simple things at ridiculously high price, kept things unused beyond expiry date… Is this allowed by BTN? Why no mention of KPI on this matter?

Yet the ministries continue to say they will learn from mistakes and offer tons of excuses. While these civil servants continue to enjoy their salary and perks.

Such wastage of rakyat money can easily be attributed to corrupted practices, yet MACC is not investigating (ikut perintah?). Don’t forget TBH was hauled up, interrogated overnight and died in MACC compound for allegedly misappropriate a sum of about RM2000 of buying flags!

Utusan, Berita Harian, Kosmo, Harian Metro did not provide in-depth reporting on the mismanagment of public fund as reported by the AG. No wonder the malays (who cannot understand other languages beyond the Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa) are deprived of the real news, and continue to rejoice at the BN handouts without realising that BN is plunging the nation into higher deficit/debt on the road to the Greek tragedy.

We can only blame ourselves for electing such an incompetent and wasteful government. We must all wake up to vote out BN to save our nation. That’s a duty for all of us.