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LGE got no shame to claim ex-BN project is his contribution

The Auditor-General’s Report 2010 which stated that not a single low-cost house had been built by the Penang government from 2008 to 2010.

Lim Kuan Eng is selectively to claim good things from former BN government as his and no shame to reject bad things from the seedless durian, Koh Sok Khoon.

The hard fact is 11,000 low-cost homes are inherited from BN government, not a single low-cost house was built under the PR government.

PDC under LGE (as a chairman) could not handle RM5 million Penang Hill car park project, how on earth Malaysians believe that PDC could build a single low cost house in Penang?

LGE is a pro-developer chief minister, the important of poor rakyat only come to his radar before the election.

Guan Eng: Penang provides low-cost homes through PDC

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has admitted that the state government has not been building affordable homes.

However, he said the state had provided low-cost houses through its Penang Development Corporation (PDC).

“Almost 11,000 low-cost homes had been built by the state government,” he pointed out.

“Some 3,000 were built through the PDC and the rest by the private sector.

“The Federal Government does not build affordable houses by itself, but it’s done through Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB), the national housing board,” Lim said after attending a Deepavali open house organised by him and the state exco members here yesterday.

Lim was commenting on the Auditor-General’s Report 2010 which stated that not a single low-cost house had been built by the Penang government from 2008 to 2010.

The Report also said that it had gone ahead with plans to set up an Aquaculture Industry Zone (ZIA) despite being advised that the project could pollute the sea.

It said the state Fisheries Department had set up the ZIA, which covers 204ha of mangrove swamp forests at the north of Seberang Prai.

“The state Forestry Department suggested that the area be maintained as developing the aquaculture industry there could pollute the sea water.

“It will also destroy mangrove trees there, which serve as a buffer zone to absorb shocks from waves and tsunamis,” the Report said.

The Report also said that the Federal Government had given an allocation of RM868,000 to the state government to replant mangrove trees throughout Penang, but only 24.5% of the trees survived.

It also said some 37 state officers from five state departments were mistakenly overpaid by a total of RM109,170.

“Some 13 officers were also underpaid by a total of RM13,544,” it said, adding that the errors occurred during staff promotions, bonus payments and other allowances.

“Other incidents of overpayment also occurred due to staff resignations, deaths or absence from duty,” the Report said.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Lokman says:

Penang is on track to achieve its targeted RM6.1 billion in investments for this year, with emphasis on higher-paying jobs. Up to August 2011, Penang has attracted RM4.8 billion in investments, placing Penang at No. 4 among the states in the country. Of this total, RM3.7 billion was foreign direct investments (FDI).

Baki says:


are you brave enough to dispute these fact to Mr Niamah?

Sabariah says:

CM Lim Guan Eng is doing such a good job in governing Penang that it is an embarrassment for the BN regime (and their bloggers). He has shown the Penangites how corrupt and inefficient the BN was under former CM Koh Tsu Koon.

Pathetically, they have turned to the dregs of our society(mat rempit, insane mamaks, dispicable mca-friendly bloggers) for help. It looks like BN has totally run out of ideas because they forget it is difficult to bring a good man down.

Continue the good work Lim, and continue to exasperate them till they are blue in their faces.

niceguy says:

Ali Setan, thank you for that Bloomberg link.

Alfred says:

Penang has recorded a reduction by RM600.47 million or 95.3% from RM630.13 million (inherited from Gerakan as at March 2008) to RM29.66 million at present.

This is achieved in 3 and a half years of Pakatan administration, which is the best record in Malaysia.

What is the debt situation in Johor?

nkkhoo says:

Do you know how LGE plays the magic?

RM600 million debt reduction is from payment of water assets given to state government by the federal government under the water restructuring deal.

Did LGE tell you the real story? He is cunning to cheat you and everyone who are lazy to find out the details.

Yahya says:

I suppose LCE does not have RM96 million like Najib to pay to FBC via APCO to project ‘cool Najib’ image.

So it is ok to hijack BN for fame as rakyat’s money has been wasted by BN already.

Ali Setan says:

In the first seven months of 2011, Penang won 3.6 billion ringgit of approved foreign manufacturing investment, ahead of the 3.4 billion ringgit that went to Selangor.

“We’ve been sleeping,” said Ooi Kee Beng, Penang-born author of “Era of Transition: Malaysia after Mahathir” and a senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. “Penang now has a chance to show that if you have good governance, and if you put fairness and justice as your main qualities, free of race considerations, that is actually the way to go for Malaysia.”

To prevent corruption, Penang requires open bidding on contracts of more than 200,000 ringgit and has awarded about 125 million ringgit of jobs through competitive tenders, according to Lim. Transparency International said in a 2009 report that Penang, an island and coastal enclave linked by a 13.5-kilometer bridge, was Malaysia’s first state to implement open tenders for government contracts.

While the Penang government awards contracts based on merit within the national guidelines, the federal government states that it has no obligation to accept the lowest offer or to give any reason for rejecting a bid. Under Malaysian federal rules, agencies are only required to invite quotations from at least five bidders for works contracts.

“In domestic tenders, preferences are provided for Bumiputera suppliers and other domestic suppliers,” the U.S. Department of State said in a March report on Malaysia’s investment climate. Implementations of the affirmative action policy “vary greatly; some practices are explicit and contained in law or regulation while others are informal, leaving much ambiguity for potential investors,” it said.

Read more here on bloomberg:

Ken says:

LGE has reduced the debt inherited from gerakan significantly while BN is wasting money and increse the deficit. That’s the difference yet nkkhoo is so blind.

nkkhoo says:

The developers are benefiting most from LGE policy, not the poor rakyat.

That’s the difference, I am not color blind like you.

Opah says:

OK under CAT system. We know who these developers are, unlike BN ali-baba contractors registered with RM2.

nkkhoo says:

How do you know other two companies bidding Penang sPICE are not RM2 companies?

It’s ok for a robber to rob you openly on the street? The street robber is more transparent than LGE.

Dabangg of Muar says:

my dear nkkhoo i still think you ought to go (as 3rd force ?) to parliment.
Imagine seeing u on RTM’s live feed from parliment shooting at Guan Eng ?
anyway, it’s known fact that only developers have the $ & muscles to develop projects so they may say they have the rights to earn $ out of projects (just like J Corp earning from us eating finger licking KFC)

nkkhoo says:

The developers have the business rights to earn $, but NOT from the cronyism as practiced by LGE and BN.

A wrong is a wrong unless you are blinded to believe a Chinese politician is immuned from the same morality system.

Alfred says:

Go check up this umno-crony company Kauser Corporation Sdn Bhd – awarded land swap (153 ha) to build 7th Infantry Brigade complex in Skudai Camp, Gelang (RM256 million project).

No sign of construction since 2003. The delay has caused the problems of erosion in the area and flooding in Kampung Poh Chi Leng and Kampung Baru Skudai each time there was rain.

Jinjang says:

That land-swap site in Skudai JB is now a ‘business park’ for used car dealers.
Who gets the rent?
Business is good now that a new highway built to link Skudai to Nusajaya.
nkkhoo should drive there to check it up with his GPS-camera. Seeing is believing!

Here are the details of the land-swap:

It will be a great election topic for the people in Skudai. nkkhoo can certainly play a part here. Johor has more dubious projects than Penang. Strangely Johor people choose to close one eye and find problem in Penang and blow it out of proportion.

nkkhoo says:

DAP Johor should be more vocal and setting up a facebook page to expose all evil things in Johor.

Yahya says:

SYABAS! CM Lim Guan Eng and the Penang State Government !

Continue to be above board in all your endeavours !

Maintain your postures humbly in all ways and be unwaveringly incorruptible !

Always maintain your cool and beware of trappings !

Beware of “FITNAHS” !

The people of Penang are a lucky lot ! I envy you !

Dabangg of Muar says:

Penang’s debt has dropped 95% under Guan Eng ???

Opah says:

No such report on Utusan and TV3 Buletin?

nkkhoo says:

Doing a right thing does not cancel off the evil of giving away RM100 million to SP Setia for sPICE.

You can do 1000 right and legal things, but you will still be punished for a petty crime under the rule of law.

giatmarah says:

ok to claim credit as he has also inherited a lot of shit from BN.