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The Tourism Ministry overpaid nearly RM270 million for advertisements

She sued a whistle blower from a foreign advertisement agency who was forced to apologize to her in the court. The truth of ad tender rigging is finally proven true but it comes too late.

The rot of BN is beyond repair.

Loud-mouthed Ng ripe for roasting

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz | October 27, 2011

Tourism Ministry overpaid by nearly RM270 million for advertisements, according to the Auditor-General’s Report.

The more pointed criticisms about deficit budget are the hidden financial indiscipline that goes along with wanton spending.

The ministry waiting and wanting to be crucified is the Tourism Ministry because its minister, Dr Ng Yen Yen, is loud and appears to be pushing her bravado image to the limits.

And so she shall reap what she has sowed.

The Tourism Ministry overpaid nearly RM270 million for advertisements when it chose to use direct bookings instead of open tenders.

So the paying of RM1 million to RM2 million for setting up websites is peanuts compared to the cost of placing advertisements.

It is indicative of the minister’s inability and incompetence of putting her ministry in order.

The same vendor has been at it – placing exorbitant advertisement fees for years.

If the same vendor can control the Tourism Ministry in an almost a cartel-like embrace, it does raise concerns of a possibility that ministry officials are more than just good friends with the particular vendor.

Paying for lost racks

It can suggest that corrupt practices and favouritism in return for consulting fees is rampant at the Tourism Ministry and the loud-mouthed Ng is not able to do anything about it.

The ministry also spent a whopping RM1.95 million to buy 1,000 racks – at RM1,950 per rack – to hold its tourism pamphlets for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 campaign.

Perhaps it’s time for the ministry to set up an in-house workshop for the fabrication of display racks since these are going to be used continuously.

We are not going to nit-pick at the ministry’s inability to explain the unaccounted or missing 149 units of racks amounting to almost a quarter of a million ringgit.

But that would surely be grounds to trigger a domestic inquiry.

Why would the ministry be billed for the missing 149 units and can the ministry be certain that it actually got 1,000 units?

Ng and her ministry can’t even handle the case of display racks and yet she is entrusted to put Malaysia on the world tourism map.

These qualities must be the new elements that make up a candidate’s winnable constitution going into the 13th general election.

The writer is a former Umno state assemblyman and a FMT columnist. This is an excerpt from his blog sakmongkolak47.

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Baki says:

1) FBC Media was not paid to make our country look good but to make BN look good. If this is not true, the details of the contract would be freely available. So once again the political party BN is using our tax money for their personal benefit.

2) Paying a media company to promote our country would not be the issue if it was clearly done in the form of advertisements which shows that it is paid for (eg. the “Malaysia Truly Asia” campaigns). FBC Media through their connections was producing purportedly unbiased fact-based news content but in fact had received pay-offs to do so.

Truly sad but expected that BN politicians do not have the integrity to know the difference between right & wrong.

Ali Setan says:

Swallow Ng really gulp up big time to pay excessively (to her crony) for those Curi-curi Malaysia booklets and the racks!

Her sister Sharizat also squandered rakyat money in the ternak lembu projet mismanaged her family. How the contact was awarded in the first place is questionable but not in BN crony system.

Yahya says:

Projek RM250 juta National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd yang dikendalikan suami dan anak-anak Shahrizat, bawah Rancangan Malaysia ke-9 GAGAL memenuhi sasaran 40% (1,500 ekor sehari) permintaan dan pengeluaran daging lembu untuk pasaran tempatan. Projek yang beroperasi di Gemas hanya mengeluarkan sekitar 1,000 ekor lembu dipelihara dan sebanyak 20 ekor lembu disembelih setiap hari.

KPI tak tercapai! Nepotisma tercapai!

Dabangg of Muar says:

Msia going bankrupt surely a reality now with the connected curi-curi ones channeling $ elsewhere.
Arab Spring may trigger similar uprisings in bolehland when economy becomes worse from bad.
Those connected ones better look for safety elsewhere as the crimes committed could be hukum berat berat.