BN White Elephant >>>

BN White Elephant # 8 :: Mindef purchased 'gold plated' armored vehicles with RM 7.30 billion

Mindef spent RM7.30 billion to acquire 257 units of DEFTECH AV-8 8X8 through Deftech, a private company based in Pekan, Pahang.

The market price for the same vehicle under the model, FNSS PARS 8X8 is about 25% of Malaysia purchased price.

The losses to Malaysian taxpayers are 5.4 billion.

That is a good service from UMNO Malays for Singapore to win the war with Malaysia (Just in case it happens). They are true betrayers to Malaysia by weakening our defense system.

In another word, instead of getting 1028 unit armored vehicles, Malaysia army only get 257 units due to corruption.

The corrupter must be hang to death for jeopardizing the security of the nation.

I have to use four letters word to express my feeling about the huge leakage of RM 5.4 billion.

FUCK BN government and UMNO goons.

花费73亿制造257架AV8装甲车 防长:研究模型后才投产

Number of BN White Elephant Project monitored : 8

300% inflated price for armored vehicles : RM 5.4 billion

Total accumulated cost or losses (for a single year): RM 27478 million OR RM 27.478 billion

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Karim says:

In 2009, the Auditor General raised questions over the RM256 million Skudai 7th Brigade Army Camp project in Johor Bahru. This was awarded in 1997 but, after 15 years, is only 18.3% complete. The Kausar Corporation who was awarded this project had already collected the construction fee in full, and was given 153 hectares of land.

Records reveal that a RM465 million bank loan was paid out for the land, which would place the land valuation in excess of RM800 million in 1997. At today’s land valuation, it could potentially be worth more than double the Selangor state government surplus. This means that Kausar took RM721 million in cash, and 153 hectares of land. The government does nothing over all these years, and the people get nothing. Is this how it all works?

Hantu-ya says:


Jinjang says:

The Police Air Wing bought 2 helicopters worth RM117.75 million, but could not be used as they did not meet specifications. However, RM15.4mil was spent to train pilots to fly these helicopters.

Gerak Khas Udara!
Malaysia Boleh.

Alfred says:

Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi had refused to explain why it paid RM7.6 billion for these 257 units of 8×8 APCs procured by DRB-Hicom Bhd for only US$559 million (RM1.7 billion).

It is clearly a ali-baba-type deal between DRB-Hicom unit Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (Deftech) and Turkish firm FMC-Nurol Defense System (FNSS) for 257 units of Pars 8×8 APCs.

Deftech chief executive Abdul Harith Abdullah said last year the cost of the FNSS contract includes manufacturing and other costs associated with the production of a new combat vehicle. so what exactly is the value added by DRB-Hicom to justify 75% more of the original cost?

Rajni says:

This is interesting.

nkkhoo should go there with his GPS-camera to capture the scene!