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Petronas and Shell allocate 100% bumi quota for petro stations now

Petronas has increased the bumi quote from 90% to 100% after Najib became PM. Shell also follows suit.

Previous non-bumi Petronas stations are owned by MCA members, and they all also lose the franchise rights after new policy is implemented.

Boycott Petronas and Shell petrol stations if you are no supporting apartheid policy.

I will try my best for not buying Petrol from Petronas because all petrol stations in my area are Petronas and Shell only. Have to drive to Taman Connaught for refueling from other companies.

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Qiang says:

Good news! Singapore supermarket retail chain Sheng Siong is coming to Malaysia:

I hope NTUC Fairprice will also operate at Johor Iskandar region so that we do not have buy from those umnoputera-controlled stores like Mydin.

Lok Ming Xian says:



Geremi says:

Auditor General report highlights 2 things – the mega failures of most projects initiated and managed by BN and at the same time bringing out successes achieved by state governments run by PR which will never be published in the media, obviously for good reason.

We don’t need to be educated to know BN SERIOUSLY lacks financial competence (cant say much about corruption though) in managing projects. Either they end up in complete failures or the budget will increase many times over. Cannot imagine what uneducated people can get for RM100.00 in open market, but under BN tendering system this pitiful government has to pay RM1000.00!! Isn’t that not a sign of sheer incompetence bordering on STUPIDITY

But that RM1000 is unfortunately part of the hard earned income tax that Govn’t forced me to pay.

If BN cannot manage things even at project level, what hope we have in them running and managing the nation.

But reading AG report on Penang and Selangor in particular, the 2 states have done EXTREMELY WELL compared to their BN predecessors as well as other BN run states.

And not only they score huge success, they did it in just THREE (3) years. Even Kedah is doing well and so is Kelantan. If only Kelantan is given its rightful % of oil revenue Kelantan would have done better.

So BN……what do you all have to say to what AG is showing the world?

It looks like the BN states are run by Primary Educated Ministers and PR states are run by truly well EDUCATED people. What a shame?

Next election….pick your choice….

Eirma says:

The Agriculture Ministry has released the biodata of NFC’s top management, naming Shahrizat’s three children — Izran, 27, Izmir, 31, and Izzana, 25 — as chief executive and executive directors respectively. Mohamad Salleh, NFC’s executive chairman, holds a doctorate in fermentation technology and was head of food science at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia in 1981.

So why did NFC fail in its cattle rearing venture?
Fermentation technology should be used for beer brewing, not cattle breeding, right?

Baki says:

The BN Govt has spend millions with the promise that the total 1.3 million cows cn be produced by NFC to meet local demand.

But the best NFC can produce is 3248 cows.

It is supposed to be a project to stop importing beef and be an exporter.

Why cannot meet target? Are the cows mandul?

Another Umno Boleh project.

nkkhoo says:

Please refrain from replying off-topic subject.

Dabangg of Muar says:

next time in principle i (and many others) may not be able to read your blog.

why ?
bcoz we boycot wifi service providers which will soon be 100% monopolised by umno eg tm’s unifi reportedly will sub sub sub to cronies and we suckers for internet will pay dearly.
Barisan N (or M for Maha) may give in to free toll under pressure but high speed internet surely the cash cow, what say u ?

Jinjang says:

Slowly and surely everything will go 100% bumi quota.

Wonder why MCA and MIC is quiet on this matter?