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Kuala Selangor tour operator created a new tour product unlike someone is waiting for handout

Eagle feeding tour operators in Kuala Selangor have never asked Ng Yen Yen for money to develop a new tourist product. Through their own initiative and proactive attitude, the herd of eagle is increasing from a few to hundreds after the regular feeding sessions.

The tour operator can get more business and earn more money, and the eagle population is increased. A win-win eco-tourism.

This Chinese fisherman turned tour operator is creating a new tour product at his own effort unlike UMNO Puteras who are stealing billions under the disguise of supplying a million cows and other public projects.

Luckily Selangor is still under PR, otherwise the Chinese tour operators will be kicked out by UMNO goons.

There are hornbill bird nesting at Muar riverside housing estate, and yet no one in Muar is thinking to promote hornbill bird watching. The firefly tour in Muar river is also another failed project.

You can guess who is the tour operator in Muar???? [……] fill up the blank yourself.

This video clip is hacked from 1Cuti-cuti Malaysia’s Chinese TV Travelogue.


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niceguy says:

Eco-tourism? Hardly. It is more like intruding into the eco-system.

The Langkawi eagles feeding boat tour is usually taken by local and Asian tourists, you won’t see many westerners doing it.

The former type (usuallly) goes for entertainment value. The latter (usually) goes for raw sights (ie. natural things in natural environment).

I’m not debating which type of tourists is better to cater for, just don’t label it ‘eco-tourism’.

nkkhoo says:

There is no eco-tourism in this world because traveling by airplane or any vehicle causing more pollution than sitting at home if you want to be picky

nkkhoo says:

Go check ang moh blogs before you put this kind of unsubstantiated accusation.

Eirma says:

Such eagle feeding is like providing handout so that the eagles do not have to work hard for food.

The eagles will soon become so dependent,lazy and lose the instinct to hunt for their own food.

Sounds familiar to our own never ending policy.

nkkhoo says:

The difference is one is animal and another one is human. The eagles have to feed themselves if we decide to stop feeding.

Rajni says:

just like the perkasa race that need to be fed to be alive!

Jack Tanjung says:

You mean the one like in Sarawak? – ‘The Hornbill’ in Muar. Or Eagle?

nkkhoo says:

There are 8 type of hornbill birds in Malaysia. I saw two types in Muar, smaller one.

My only worry is Vietnamese workers will catch and eat them.