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Najib's daughter was alleged to spend A$ 60000 (RM200,00) in shopping spree

96% Malaysian monthly income is less than RM5000, a life saving of RM200,000 is a dream.

We should be proud with PM Najib for showing us Malaysian is not poor after all, we are at par with Saudi Arabians when we are in overseas shopping spree.

Malaysia Boleh!

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kalaway says:

Corrupted goverment is a hallmark of BN.

niceguy says:

A teacher once told my class “A little knowledge is dangerous.”

I did not understand it at that time.

How can it be dangerous since “Knowledge is Power” as told by another teacher. So even a bit of knowledge is better than none, and every bit of knowledge (information) will enhance our thoughts.

Now I know better.

And sometimes reading comments like ???? confirmed it. I don’t know whether he is deluding himself or deluding someone with lesser knowledge.

So be wary of what you read in the internet… there’re no editors. (In this case, mainstream media too.)

nkkhoo says:

Only ignorant person cannot read the word, “alleged”.

niceguy says:

I don’t think it was missed, just not understanding its definition. Or they thought they did.

Dabangg of Muar says:

Najib said his daughter not in Perth while his wife did not shop at Perth.
Looks like credibility of bloggers are being challenged, what say u nkkhoo ? Who to believe now ?

nkkhoo says:

Read the meaning of “alleged”.

Hantu-ya says:

‘alleged’ means ‘actually happened but cannot be prosecuted because they are more equal than any Malaysians’.

nkkhoo says:

My lawyer told me “alleged” is something not yet confirm and no evidence to support the accusation.

Suriati says:

Rosmah mesi menjelaskan dari mana beliau memperoleh wang bagi membeli sekurang-kurangnya 11 beg tangan mewah jenama Birkin. Mengikut anggaran kasar, Rosmah telah membelanjakan minima RM638,000 hingga maksima RM5,192,000 untuk membeli beg tangan berkenaan.

Dabangg of Muar says:

so nkkhoo is now laughing all the way to the banks.
luckily your identity being covered up otherwise many bandits are hot on your trail when you cross over to Spore !
Take care n don’t carry hard cash.

Dabangg of Muar says:

No wonder Idris Jala again (yesterday) said Malaysia can go bankrupt given such extravangance by barang naik folks.

better transfer your savings for safer deposits at DBS (offshore banking) otherwise money here can be devalued just like waht happened in Greece.

My Kluang & Kulai buddies are switching already… don’t say i don’t advise you ahead !

nkkhoo says:

I have Singapore bank account since 1990 where I can park my US dollars for zero income tax. LOL

Eirma says:

Just be careful as those Hasil flers are super-efficient in tracking those income tax defaulters. Do not walk into their trap by filing up those forms just to get that RM500 pre-election goodies.

Even MBJB has a special bus (e-NOBAS) to go round JB city collecting all kind of cukai at your doorstep!

nkkhoo says:

Millions of Malaysians evade income taxes, BN needs GST or VAT to plug the hole.

BN government should be blamed because no one is willing to feed corrupt government and over-sized public servants.