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Penang Botanical Gardens in bad shape

I read from Anil blog about Penang Botanical Gardens are deteriorated after the poorly staffed director resigned two months ago.

I did suggest to LGE sends his tourism exco to Sri Lanka to see himself on how a third-world country can maintain first-world gardens. Sri Lankan government was also facing shortage of funds during the civil war, but the gardens were still well maintained.

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka are 10 times better and larger than Penang Botanical Gardens.

More info can be found from these two websites,,_Sri_Lanka

Their gardens charge foreigners 10 times more than local people. I paid local rate because local resident status is automatically granted to expat.

I spent one whole day just to walk through a small portion of 145 acres botanical gardens, truly indulged in the lush green and spotting fruit bats on the treetops.

This below photo is not taken from Penang Botanical gardens, it’s from the Royal Botanical Gardens.

See more amazing photos from the Google search.

It’s time to collect entrance fee to support the Penang Gardens daily operation like Sri Lanka, where it hired 450 staff to maintain the gardens.

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