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This is funny, a panda urinated on a sleeping panda.


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niceguy says:

The 1st panda is more funny – sitting like a taiko shaking his leg.

Also funny is seeing people seeing politics in every post.

nkkhoo says:

There is always politics when there are two persons and above. Husband and wife relationship is also politics.

Rajni says:

Yes, an umno wanita got into ministerial position by back door and her husband/sons got NFC contract and waste public fund in the process. That’s BN for you!

Bojingles says:

looks like lasers are beaming at Johor MCA fortrees no wonder bulat bulat & Ah Lek are trembling to the extent that they even fear nkkhoo as potential 3rd force switching to support these 2 pandas !

Bojingles says:

I was told two very cute local pandas are invading Johor in next GE13 :
馮寶君 now called daughter-in-law of Muar
張念群 Batu Pahat born (& pride of the people)
are back in their hown towns of Johor to service the people.

with your insider info probably you can give a profile biodata of these so-called people of high impact to the communities.


nkkhoo says:

Both cute pandas have profiles in their blogs. The little chili 馮寶君 husband stays in my neighboring town, Bukit Gambir.

Ng Yen Yen likes her master, Chua started to block my comment in her facebook. 🙂