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Another BN project :: Kolam Renang Biawak Muar

Muar swimming pool actually is the first Olympic standard public swimming pool in Johor state, built in 70s. I used to swim in that swimming pool in each Sunday’s morning with my school swimming club members when I was studied Form Six in Muar. That were relaxing and fond memory old days.

The facility was left to rot since mid 90s and turned into a water lizard monitor and drug addict heaven.

This is to remind you that this is another BN screw-up project before GE13.

Email your complaint to Muar City Council at if you are concerned about the dilapidated swimming pool like me.

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Joe Public says:

If Vietnamese pekerja asing come to know this place, those biawak will not live to see another day.

They will enjoy BBQ Biawak feast!

nkkhoo says:

I scold Vietnamese workers when I see them catching wild animals, not hesitate to call in police to nab them if they refuse to stop doing so.

GT says:

Ha ha, never know you are still so naive to have faith in the police to catch culprits. Watching too much Gerak Khas may have blinded you from the reality.

kalaway says:

Where is the ali baba contractor to do the repair?

niceguy says:

LOL. I thought I am very familiar with Muar, but did not know the town has (or rather had) a swimming pool. Where is it?

nkkhoo says:

Right after the golf course on the left when you heading to monkey playground.

niceguy says:

Thanks. Now that you mentioned it, I think I know the location, but didn’t know it was a swimming pool.

nkkhoo says:

It looks like a haunted house than a swimming pool from outside.

Larry says:

You should join forces with mca tauke to turn it into a crocodile farm.

Hoo Beng says:

Please tell Alphard Liow that this is a good breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes – a health threat to Muar residents!