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Special post # 1000 :: Bank Rakyat's two interest rates for bumi and non-bumi

I thought I have to take more than three years to post 1000 BN bashing posts when I started to blog in 1st Jan 2009.

This 1000 special post is hacked from DAP man on Bank Rakyat’s two interest rates for bumi and non-bumi.

What’s next apartheid policy from UMNO? I foresee non-bumi passenegers have to pay more bus and train fares to enjoy same service as bumi?


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kalaway says:

Lim Kok Wing did not know this when he compose 1 Malaysia song.

Kita satu bangs, kita satu negara?

Need to change lyrics lah!

Abu Pin says:

Those non-malays singing 1malaysia song should be ashamed of themselves for supporting the BS plot!

Rajni says:

Because of these, MCA and MIC still keep quiet?

Why complain about Regaae Mansion when discrimination is a norm and is practised by BN?

We can only change this by not voting for BN!

Nga Kor Min is right and is not afraid to highlight this.
Shame to MCA and MIC and Gerakan!