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How many foot reflexology and massage centres not offering sex service?

There are a small number are still doing right business, the majority of them are offering extra service especially those staffed by foreign women.

Telling lie is a routine job for our police and politicians.

I do not solely blame the police on this semi-open flesh trade, the immigration and local authorities are mainly to be blamed for this mushrooming problem.

The root of this problem is corruption, as Chinese says money can ask the ghost to push grinder in Bolehland.

No sign of sex services at massage centres


THE police conducted 158 raids on foot reflexology and massage centres in Desa Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur from January to Nov 2.

They have issued 12 summonses to illegal massage centres and those with workers who do not have valid permits.

Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said 53 women were detained for not having permits and handed over to the Immigration Department.

“Out of the 53 foreigners, 40 of them were Thais, seven from Myanmar, four from China and two from Indonesia.

“We have raided the outlets numerous times but still could not find any offering sex services.

“If there are outlets providing these services, the public can inform us and we will investigate,’’ he said.

Abdul Bari was commenting on the article in StarMetro on Nov 4, where residents were worried that 40 foot reflexology centres or massages centres had mushroomed in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Some of the residents were concerned about these massage centres offering “extra” services that is damaging the image of the township and wanted authorities to check on the legality of these centres.

Abdul Bari said after a thorough check there were more than double the licensed centres in Desa Sri Hartamas although Kuala Lumpur City Hall had issued only 10 permits.

“Some of these centres have applied for licences and are now awaiting City Hall approval. City Hall should know how many licences have been issued for for massage centres here,’’ said Abdul Bari at his office in Sri Petaling recently.

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Bojingles says:

NKKHOO don’t act naive lah
KL folks need to go foot reflexology cum extra service becoz to get relieve from barang naik stress and nagging wives !

GT says:




Larry says:

Sorry I cnnot answer your questions as such business are controlled by politically-connected thugs.

However, I wonder why the excess money by NMLC (anak syarikat NFC) was not returned to the government but was used to buy condo as ‘investment’? Is there a business synergy between cow business and property rental?