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Bolehland government achieves another Boleh

How you trust Malaysian government website if their sign certificate also stolen and used by malware?

Their IT staff must be graduated from a third-world apartheid university.

Researchers spot malware using a stolen government certificate

By Dancho Danchev | November 15, 2011, 8:45am PST

Summary: Researchers from F-Secure have spotted a digitally signed malware using a stolen government certificate belonging to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

Researchers from F-Secure have spotted a digitally signed malware using a stolen government certificate belonging to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute.

From F-Secure’s post:

Every now and then we run into malware that has been signed with a code signing certificate. This is problematic, as an unsigned Windows application will produce a warning to the end user if he downloads it from the web — signed applications won’t do this. Also some security systems might trust signed code more than unsigned code.

In some of these cases, the certificate has been created by the criminals just for the purpose for signing malware. In other cases they steal code signing certificates (and their passphrases) so they can sign code as someone else. We recently found a sample signed with a stolen certificate.

According to the vendor, the malware spreads through malicious PDF files that drop it after exploiting Adobe Reader 8. Interestingly, F-Secure notes that “This particular malware does not gain much advantage of the signature any more, as the certificate expired in the end of September.”

The malware is currently detected as Trojan-Downloader:W32/Agent.DTIW.

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rima says:

Subsidies were either reduced or withdrawn in the name of budget cost cutting. Now a whopping sum is given to MYDIN to set up KR1M, WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THIS!

Sugar was free float for the benefit of syed mokhtar, and this whopping RM40 million is for the benefit of MYDIN.

Taking public money and converting it into private loot is all UMNO knows how to do well… but not well enough to cover their tracks! The KR1M looks like a dumping ground of products from China. It is a OneConShop for the Rakyat and OneMoneyShop for the cronies.

Now if most of the stuff are imported from China, I think most Malaysian remember the Sanlu Milk powder company that was closed down by the Chinese authorities because it contains melanin. What happened to the stock, no news of it being destroyed. All I am asking is this, can the Ministry of Health please send a team to check the safety aspect of the stuff in these 1Mamak outlets. These excessive vitamin A does not help but cause damage to the body and perhaps the brains. Could it be that PERKASA and those NGO are suffering from brain damaged as a result of consuming this China stuff?

Manja says:

KR1M is now known as ‘Kedai Runcit satu Mamak’ with reference to that one and only Mydin mamak that will destroy the business of all small scale kedai runcit in malaysia.

Manja says:

PM Najib always seems to run away from handling or confronting the main issues of the day, whether it is racism, the lies spun by the media his party owns, or the outright breach of trust in government projects like the National Feedlot Centre project.

It is almost like his first inclination is to run away from substantive or controversial issues and just keep a distance from anything which can mar his carefully manicured image. I mean just look at the reports in Britain in how his personal PR machine, FBC Media, broke laws and bought space to project Najib and Malaysia positively.

Can you imagine, Malaysia one of the top trading nations in the world having to pay for positive PR? It is an established fact that Najib government paid FBC Media more than RM80 million but yet the PM has tried to stay far away from this issue, with Nazri Aziz offering a weak explanation in Parliament.

Najib goes around the world talking about the global movement of moderates and how Malaysia is a mature democracy but at home, you would be lucky if he took on the extreme elements in his party who want to keep Malaysia in the Dark Ages.