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No beach is allowed to be gazetted as private land

Even before you step through the glass doors of the entrance, you see it — the beautiful white sand and amazing view of the resort’s 3km private beach.

Can Kedah PR government undo the wrong policy done by the previous BN government? The pristine and beautiful beach in Langkawi was illegally transferred to a BN crony from Sarawak.

Can PR member in Kedah bring this issue to Menteri Besar?

As far as I know, no beach in Malaysia is allowed to be gazetted as private land under the constitution of Malaysia.

An island resort on the good side of the sea

MANY hotels boast about their views, but few use them as well as the new Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort.

Even before you step through the glass doors of the entrance, you see it — the beautiful white sand and amazing view of the resort’s 3km private beach.

From the lobby and ballroom, to the eatery and gym, the sea beckons you through walls of glass that stretch from floor to ceiling.

The view was indeed so good and such a feature of the Four Points’ first hotel on the island that it was the first thing pointed out by Sarawakian business icon Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing.

Great getaway: One of the highlights of Four Points is viewing the sunset.

Ting, the group advisor of Global Upline Hotels and Resorts that developed the hotel, admitted that the quiet, pristine beach was something difficult to get in his beloved home state.

“This is the second Four Points hotel to be built in the country — the first being in Kuching.

“In fact, this hotel is Asia Pacific’s first Four Points beach resort. These beautiful beaches can only be found in Langkawi,” he said.

Ting, whose loyalty to the Land of the Hornbills is well known, did not hesitate, however, to bring the ‘flavours’ of East Malaysia to the hotel.

A visit to The Eatery will offer you a spread of signature dishes that all have one thing in common — they are Ting’s own secret recipes.

Bowls of Sarawak laksa and Foochow noodles are a must for those who want to experience the wonderful taste of homemade local delights.

Both dishes are complemented with succulent strips of white chicken and large, juicy prawns.

Ting’s unique take on chicken rice and nasi lemak (served with very thick, deep red sambal) are also must-haves while the boxing chicken and beef burgers are sure-hits for guests of all ages.

“I cook, and then my wife tries the food.

“If she says it’s no good, I try again. I don’t argue with her,” he said with a smile, crediting his accomplished cooking to his other half.

The four-star beach resort also contains a deli and lounge called ‘Wrapped’ and will soon play host to an upscale Japanese restaurant.

The Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort, which was refurbished from the former Langkasuka Beach Resort, also boasts of the largest infinity swimming pool on the island.

Covering 1,680sq m, the pool is larger than Olympic-size, and is located almost at the foot of the beach.

Seaside vista: The hotel’s gym, located next to the mammoth infinity pool, faces the resort’s 3km private beach.

In fact, at certain angles, the mammoth pool looks like an extension of the tide at the foot of the resort.

Located just 1.5km from Langkawi International Airport, the Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort is walking distance from the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre.

It contains 214 rooms of five different types — Four Points suites, premiere deluxe suites, premiere suites, junior suites and comfort (king or twin set-up) rooms.

Spacious: The interior of the Four Points’ Comfort Room.

For more information, call the hotel at 04-9556888 or visit

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Abu Pin says:

The beach is for the use of elite umnoputeras only.
They don’t want to see foreigners in bikinis there.