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Expert Panel for Kancil Car Park is an international just to clean up LGE's shit!

Latest update: Penang state government has decided to dismantle the Kancil car park and rebuild it with another RM6.75 million. Whether the money is from Federal or state government, the rakyats are losers.

Rosli has to be axed from PSDC, his resignation from PSDC consultancy Sdn Bhd is still not good enough under CAT. Lim Guan Eng as PSDC chairman also has to be held responsible for this blunder.

The architect responsible for the blunder, some more graduated from UK. Those people believe foreign graduates are always smarter better think again.

The poor quality of this report is reflecting the true standard of local professional bodies like IEM, MAA, etc.

YB Lim, I am openly questioning the credibility of this expert panel on this kancil car park probe.

This is the main reason I refused to join IEM, instead I prefer to be certified by American professional bodies like ASQ.

The special inquiry committee appointed by Penang CM, LGE did not act professionally in the findings.

The Penang State Inquiry Board, comprising Penang chairman of the Malaysian Architects Association Lawrence Lim and Institute of Engineers Malaysia (northern branch) former chairman Lim Kok Khong, was headed by Prof Omar Munir from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar).

Below reportage is taken from Kwong Wah Daily.



他说,自有关建筑于2011年3月建竣后,并没有发现任何显著的结构超重及裂痕问题。有关的结构及地基的可承担建筑净重,为至少1.0的安全因素。我们需要额外的地基负荷度,以支撑活重量。而活重量是以7对3(净重)的比率来估计, 而岩土工程方面采纳的安全因素是1.5的地基负荷。


If the structure of building is sound, then why they recommend to demolish it? It sounds fishy to me.

What study or experiment has been conducted by the expert panel to prove the structure is safe?

Safety factor used in the civil engineering is not 1.5 as in the Kancil car park, only airplane design is using 1.5X for obvious reason. In the empirical civil engineering, a safety factor of 10 is normally used.

No professional engineer will accept ZERO safety allowance in any building except this expert panel appointed by YB Lim Guang Eng.

The chairman is a Dean from UTAR! Let think about the quality of UTAR graduates if their dean can come out 1.5 safety factor is acceptable.

  • There are dynamic loadings or vibrations besides the normal static loading. Besides, did the civil engineer study the resonance frequency and its avoidance?
  • The building is designed to last for 50 years, 1.5X safety factor for piling is definitely asking for disaster to happen.

The piling safety factor is about 1.5X according to expert panel, and they know exactly the safety is compromised, and yet they do not make the recommendation based on professionalism.

Any qualified civil engineer wanted to correct me on building safety factor allowance?

Install a few car lifts is still much cheaper than rebuild a new car park.

Those geniuses proposed to rebuild should ask themselves a question. Do they demolish their own safe house just because of a steep staircase?

Another RM 7.5 to 10 million for rebuild is not free money falling from the sky, my dear CM LGE.

Can the committee calls a public consultation and briefing session to explain on how they achieved such a contradicting conclusion?

RM5mil ‘Kancil car park’ set to go

Aaron Ngui

GEORGE TOWN (Nov 15, 2011): The newly built RM5 million car park at the foot of Penang Hill is set to be demolished, and a new one built in its place, as the state government is likely to accept the recommendation of the inquiry board it appointed to invesitage the controversial complex.

The car park, dubbed the ‘Kancil car park’, for its steep ramps and low ceilings, became a flash point for critics after the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) refused to grant it an occupational certificate as the building failed to comply with its requirements.

Without the certificate, the car park cannot be opened to the public. The state government set up the inquiry board in September to investigate the poorly-designed complex.

Apart from demolishing the car park and constructing a new one with more parking lots, the board chaired by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar) construction department head Prof Omar Munir held that the architect and the superintendent of the project are responsible for the weaknesses in the design and tender stage respectively.

The board also recommended that the replacement building costing RM7.5 million will have six storeys, two more than the problematic four-storey car park.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told reporters today that the state executive council is expected to endorse the board recommendation at at its meeting on Friday.

“It will be pointless to dismiss the recommendations since the board was set up to recommend solutions to rectify the problems,” Lim said.

“Further action will also be decided then,” he said on possible disciplinary and legal action to be taken against those responsible.

Meanwhile, Institution of Engineers Malaysia (northern chapter) immediate past chairman Lim Kok Khong said the cost of each parking lot in the new car park would cost only RM25,000, compared to RM39,000 per lot if the existing building is to be modified.

He said a new eight-storey car park with 400 parking lots could also be built with each lot costing RM25,000.

He also dismissed reports that the stability of the building is a concern, saying that engineering firm Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd’s report and visual inspection revealed no structural problem in the building.

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Bojingles says:

Kancil carpark to go and replaced by Viva carpark ?
Penang island land size is limited nowadays.

you should encourage more Msians (especially penangites) to take public transport or leave their cars some distance and take healthy walk to the entrance of Bukit Bendera !

nkkhoo says:

I proposed to LGE to build bicycle lanes on the city drain cover days ago.

Deen says:

The latest message by Zorro is applicable to you nkkhoo for silently supporting BN:

The NEP has been in existence for almost 40 years and during this period about 1 trillion ringgit was allocated supposedly to help Malays through ASN, ASB and numerous other government programmes involving many government agencies.

Umnoputras hijacked the NEP and by masquerading as champions of the Malays siphoned off a sizeable amount of the funds to enrich themselves, their families and their cronies. These Umnoputras live in palatial houses and live opulent lifestyles. Look at the posh cars they and their cronies drive and the designer clothes they wear while the poor Malays continue to languish in poverty, even after 52 years of Umno’s total dominance in Malaysian politics. How much have these Umnoputras, their families and cronies invested in high-end properties overseas? How much of the loot is stashed away in overseas banks?

A Morgan Stanley analyst estimated that between 1984 and 2003, RM360 billion was siphoned off by Umnoputras and their cronies. The Auditor-General’s Report bears ample testimony to the plunder of the nation’s wealth.

After more than 52 years of Merdeka, many kampungs do not have basic amenities like piped water and electricity while Umnoputras are wallowing in wealth and luxury. No wonder the income differential in the Malay community is the highest among all ethnic groups in Asia .

nkkhoo says:

Stupid argument…don’t take BN robber as PR standard. U expect people support another thief because there is a bigger robber out there.

Why LGE didn’t give away his personal money to developer? Because RM50 million is not his money.

Wajib says:

nkkhoo has to make choice as there is no 3rd force or he will waste his time casting a spoilt vote.

My suspect is nkkhoo may make himself available to mca for $$$ reason to be a bn-friendly social media ally in response to Najib’s MyVoice agenda to spread bn propaganda sugar-coated with 1malaysia sweetener.

Honestly he should strive for 2 party system to ensure check and balance in parliment.

nkkhoo says:

I can not support another evil to evict another evil, that is a guilty to do so.

Are you ok with your kid who is emulating bad behavior from the street gang?