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I second Muhyiddin for this one, Penang undersea tunnel is not needed

Lim Guan Eng is trying to emulate LCE and hope he can leave a permanent monument in Penang regardless it’s truly needed or not.

Two bridges and one ferry are more than enough to cater for an island with 500,000 population. More access roads to Penang Island will choke off its traffic flow.

More rational and sensible solution is building a LRT on the Penang bridge to link mainland and island to discourage vehicles to enter small island.

I do not mind to park my car in Butterworth and take the LRT to Georgetown if any.

Muhyiddin sees no logic for Penang tunnel


KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has questioned the logic behind the proposed third link between Penang island and the mainland, warning it may end up being a waste of funds.

“It is up to the Penang Government to decide on this project. But I must caution them against wastage.

“Such a mega-project would require a lot of money. What is the need for a tunnel, I don’t know.”

Muhyiddin said there was no evidence the second Penang bridge, which is halfway towards completion, would be inadequate to handle the increasing traffic between the island and the mainland.

“The second bridge is being built with the future in mind. Allow this project to be completed first. then look at the situation over time.

“If it solves the problem, why would they (the state government) need to spend so much?” he asked, responding to the announcement by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on the proposed third link that would be in the form of an undersea tunnel.

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kc says:

yes.. and you are a dumb f**k…

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niceguy says:

DO Penangites have island mind-set and don’t consider the mainland (Seberang Prai) as part of the state? True or not?

Why is there no LRT around the island and no trams on the city streets?

Would it not be ideal to move easily around the island in “quick, frequent, & cheap” public transport and not having more and more cars?

Do people and tourists want to drive into the island and then be extorted by parking kutu?

Is the 2nd bridge even necessary?

nkkhoo says:

Island Penangites have very strong parochialism with narrow-minded islander’s thinking.

Calvin says:

The undersea tunnel is what I’ve been asking for even before the 2nd bridge started.
1. The 2nd bridge is a stupid design connecting wrong places. The main traffic all comes from Georgetown, not Batu Maung. Why they want to build it there?

2. The 2nd bridge end up in Bukit Tambun, where the stupid Stadium is, what’s the point to link to that ghost town? Future development in mind? The current problem is not solve! How many people can benefit from this 2nd bridge??

3. All island traffic route to southern part of the island, why not the shortest distance between island and mainland? Georgetown and Butterworth. Shortest distance. It will be way cheaper to build than the stupid 2nd bridge!

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Bojingles says:

Pakatan/DAP at Penang do not got get sufficient and deseving fund from federal gomen. So need to be creative to generate income to spur Penang to next economic level. Iskandar at Johor with billions pumped in (like Langkawi) and the ROI does not justified what we should reap without leakages.

Foster says:

Correct, Correct, Correct.
If only can get only a fraction of what is pmped into Iskandar Region.
nkkhoo can update us the Iskandar premium outlet in Kulai?
Good bargain or not?
I heard ng yen2 will open it next month.

Wajib says:

Premium outlet opens on 2 Dec. nkkhoo can go there to suck up to Ng Yen Yen.

GT says:

Pakatan will build this tunnel to:
1) show BN that such project could be completed without excessive cost over-run and wastage;
2) enable Penangites not to be held ransom by BN over the high toll rate of Penang Bridge;
3) spur development in Bagan Ajam – people from Kedah/Perlis/Southern Thailand can reach Gurney Drive easiy without having to use the 2 Penang Bridges.

Of course Muyhiddin will object to this as Umnoputera will gain nothing.

nkkhoo says:

Go emulate all BN’s evils to see PR can form new government or not.

GT says:

We got no choice as the 3rd force are likely to be:
1) Ex-BN flers with too much baggages
2) easily bought over by BN
3) sleeping til the country goes bankrupt

So, go for the lesser evil so as to buy time to find alternative plan (e.g. seeking migration).

Manja says:

yes, only Umno has the right to build mega project.

nkkhoo says:

Show me the feasibility study done by an independent consultant, not from UTAR again.

Of course, PR can copy BN for no need any feasibility study IF you want PR to be same grade with BN thief.